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Comodo AntiSpam easily integrates into your email system to block spam and junk mail without keeping wanted mail from reaching your inbox.

  • Comodo AntiSpam
  • Features

    • Total spam elimination
    • Simple installation
    • Sender-based authentication
    • Stops spam-bots
    • Easily Import email lists
  • Price: 100% Free

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What Comodo AntiSpam will do for You

AntiSpam is an intuitive, easy-to-use, client-based software product that eliminates spam from a computer's email system. It uses 'Passcode Authentication' technology, an active-filtering algorithm to authenticate senders of each incoming email message. Our AntiSpam software will eliminate email spam.

If senders of an email are not on the "allowed" or "blocked" lists, the message is temporarily stored, and a special Anti Spam Alert (ASA) message is automatically sent back to the senders. The ASA message includes the Anti Spam Passcode via a graphical attachment.

The ASA message asks the sender to reply and type in the passcode in the body of the reply. The idea behind sending the passcode as a graphic is to require a human to read the code and then type it in the reply. An automated actual spammer can't reply correctly, so their mail gets stored with other junk.

AntiSpam Protection Features
  • Fully compatible with Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Netscape Messenger
  • Import your email address book and have all your contacts automatically added to your "allowed" list
  • Pro-active spam defense automatically sends a 'spam report' email to the postmaster of the spammer's domain
  • Eliminate spam from an unlimited number of email accounts with just one download
  • Automated live updates ensure you're protected from spam forever

Our AntiSpam software delivers many other features that make it simple to install, use and maintain. These features include server synchronization that allows you to access your email spam-free from any remote Comodo AntiSpam configured computer (as well as providing automatic configuration recovery from system crashes). AntiSpam protection also offers internet bandwidth optimization settings, authentication for purchase-receipt message senders, newsgroups and distribution lists, and a spam reporting capability. Additionally, Comodo provides free product updates with every download.

AntiSpam Software System Requirements
  • Windows XP / Windows 2000
  • Pentium 100 MHz or higher
  • 32 MB Memory RAM
  • 32 MB System RAM
  • 21 MB of free hard drive space
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or above

Price: 100% Free

Free Download

Features of Comodo AntiSpam Protection
Total Spam Elimination
Passcode Authentication Technology authenticates the sender of every incoming message, destroying spam for good
Easy set-up with zero hassle
Simple plug-and-play installation with no filter rules to configure or long training sessions
Sender-based authentication
AntiSpam doesn't rely on complicated rules or outside "allowed lists" – only okay the senders you trust
Stay informed when possible spam arrives
An audio alert option so you know that a possible spam email has been stored in AntiSpam's Quarantine Database
Complete Spam-bot thwarting
AntiSpam's passcode-based system ends the nuisance of spam-bots conclusively
Instant migration of allowed and banned lists
Easily import any pre-existing lists of friendly senders or known spammers
One-click bandwidth optimization
Fine tune AntiSpam to work at maximum speed and efficiency for your Internet connection
Perfect for e-commerce
Auto-authenticates purchase-receipt messages, ensuring you never miss vital order confirmations from online retailers
Takes the fight back to the spammers
Enable spam reporting and automatically notify the postmaster of a spammer's domain when junk mail is sent
Frequently Asked Questions about AntiSpam
How does AntiSpam identify spam junk mail?
Two ways: First, AntiSpam allows you, the user, to input the email addresses of any known spammers to have them blocked. Second, it asks unknown senders to authenticate their mail by typing in a given passcode. Spam-bots can't bypass or fool our system.
What if my friend types in a wrong passcode? Will she be blocked from sending me email?
Nope! AntiSpam gives several chances for an email sender to type the correct code. Only if incorrect responses persist does AntiSpam recognize a spammer at work.
What email systems are compatible with AntiSpam?
Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora and Windows Mail.
I already have a lengthy address book for my friends and contacts. Can I import that into AntiSpam?
Yes you can. Not only that, you can easily add all the names and addresses on the list to your "allowed" list, so AntiSpam knows they aren't spammers.
Will I be informed when a possible spam junk mail is received? How can I access it?
A customizable audio alert can be triggered whenever an email is sent into our Quarantine Database, which you can scroll through whenever you choose.
Support for Comodo AntiSpam

Check out our forums to post questions and interact with other users, or send an email to

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Our support forum contains easy-to-find answers to many common questions.

If you can't find your answer within the manual or the knowledgebase please email us at for further assistance.

*Please note that phone support is not available for our free products.

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