The World's Only SOC As A Platform (SOCaaP™)

Available now, the world’s first and only complete, next-gen SOC-as-a-Platform offering, which
includes people, process and technology.
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Patented auto containment technology is the world’s only active breach protection that renders malware,
ransomware and cyber-attacks useless.

Eliminates all false positives and reduces attacker dwell time to mere minutes or even seconds.

Available with zero capital outlay.



Visual Analytics

You and your customers will access co-managed SIEM as well as a visual analytics platform. It enables highlighting hidden threats, helps you understand the main causes of any incidents and describe it to your customers.

Visual Analytics
Multi-Tenant Security
Incident Response Portal

Gives a snapshot of your customer’s security statuses, incident escalations, reporting needs. It is also a central portal where all customer interactions can be managed.

Multi-Tenant Security Incident Response Portal
SOC Customer Portal

Your customers will have a unique portal to monitor and interact with all SOC operations, incidents and tickets. This creates a unique communication channel where you can assure the customer about their security status as well as prove the value of the service.

SOC Customer Portal
SOC Platform

Gives tools to reduce your incident analysis time as well as increase the correctness of your analysis. It automatically cross correlates any incidents with historical data, prior responses and all relevant information about the related assets.

SOC Platform
SOC Platform

Automates all necessary early analysis, the system will analyze all observables that’s been collected and prepares a consolidated result that can be used in the investigation and incident reporting. It combines various analysis tools into one unique service

SOC Platform
SOC Platform

Provides central management of all incidents and responses. With our shared responsibility model, Comodo SOC will also collaborate with you to give the best security service for your customers. We can analyze, escalate, hunt and report together.

Ticket and Case Management

Provides security related ticket and case management. All security incidents can be escalated and reporting to your customers is in one place; all relevant evidences are automatically attached and sent to the customer.

SOC Platform
SOC Metric & SLA Monitoring

Extract all SOC related operational metrics and monitor SLAs to your customers. Improving the efficiency is always highest priority where it starts with visibility over all SOC operations and metrics.

Hear Why Directly from Our Partners
That Are Using SOCaaP
Certified MSSP Partner
Once we saw Comodo's complete SOC as a platform (SOCaaP™) offering for MSSP partners and its ingenious auto containment technology, we knew they were the right partner for us.
Jeffrey Walker, Chief Information Security Officer at CyberSecOp

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MSP Customer Corner
Data Partner, Inc.
We needed to take our approach to preventing breaches in an entirely different direction, one that we could fully stand behind when recommendating to our customers. Comodo's auto-containment technology introduced us to a radically new, and far superior, way of preventing breaches.
Connie Mack, CEO, Data Partner, Inc.

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