Hackerproof - Vulnerability Scanning

HackerProof is a revolutionary vulnerability scanning and trust building tool that helps overcome the security concerns of your visitors.

It includes an interactive logo to build trust on every page backed by a daily vulnerability assessment.

It also incorporates Comodo's patent-pending SiteInspector technology, bringing a new dimension to daily vulnerability scanning.


Benefits of using HackerProof

  • Build valuable trust with visitors
  • Convert more visitors into buyers
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Daily vulnerability scanning
  • Web-based management tool
  • PCI Scanning tools included
  • Drive-by attack prevention

Power up your conversion with trust

HackerProof provides the visual indicator your customers need to feel safe transacting with you. It helps you improve conversion rates, decrease shopping cart abandonment, and drive your overall revenue up. HackerProof includes patent-pending scanning technology, SiteInspector, which is working to eliminate drive-by attacks, providing a new level of security for all who proudly display the HackerProof logo. Not only does HackerProof give its users the means to increase their conversion rates and their overall revenue, but it also provides a daily vulnerability assessment following. With these detailed vulnerability reports and access to a database of over 45,000 vulnerability plug-ins updated regularly, you can stay up-to-date every day and improve your website security.

Comprehensive trust and security solutions

The Comodo brand is recognized for quality trust and security products, ranging from Comodo Security Solution's award-winning desktop security products to Comodo CA's portfolio of e-commerce tools. Millions of consumers worldwide are interacting with Comodo branded desktop security solutions, relaying daily on these products to secure their home desktops. E-commerce merchants have a profound opportunity to leverage the trust relationship Comodo has already started building with consumers easily, by employing Comodo branded solutions on their website, such as a HackerProof trustmark and daily vulnerability scanning engine. E-commerce merchants can also rest assured that when they use a Comodo branded product, like Comodo HackerProof daily vulnerability scanning tool with SiteInspector technology, they are getting the most cutting edge technology available. We invest millions of dollars in our Research and Development labs, which are working diligently to push boundaries and regularly release new exclusive technologies that will keep our customers ahead of the technology curve.

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