Programs Manager

Completely remove unwanted programs, drivers and Windows components from your PC.

Make your PC run as good as new
Comodo Programs Manager organizes your installed programs and system

  • Programs Manager
    • Completely delete partial uninstalls
    • Detect and remove unwanted junk files
    • Monitor all changes in your system
    • Manage Windows features easily
    • Restore uninstallations safely

    Free Programs Manager

    Tunes up and cleans out any clutter

Slow browser?

Get Comodo Dragon to protect your privacy with fastest surfing speed now!

Want a virus-free PC?

Comodo Firewall detects and destroys unwanted PC invaders.


Comodo Internet Security Pro 8

  • Clean Malware
  • Firewall Protection
  • Defence+ Host Intrusion Protection
  • Auto Sandbox TechnologyTM

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