Comodo Antispam Gateway

Cloud-based email anti-spam protection for corporate mail servers

    • Cloud-based (SaaS) Pre perimeter defense against spam, phishing emails and virus-infected attachments
    • Restores user's productivity lost to Inbox housekeeping
    • Granular configuration of user's mail management privileges
    • e-Discovery of users, Active Directory and LDAP integration facilitates user account creation
    • Forensic-grade auditing of all mail management and domain configuration events
    • Mail backup archive stores mail for future recovery
    • Mail spooling stores email if the destination server is unavailable
    • Complements Disaster Recovery Planning by re-populating the local mail-store from archive
    • Webmail functionality provides business continuity should the local mail-server be unavailable to mail users
  • Comodo AntiSpam Gateway

    Total Messages Filtered: 221192100
    Total SPAM caught: 161741991
    Total viruses Blocked: 1116209

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You can definitely bet on this!

I just bought one. Installation was very easy! Userfriendly! It gives my system a proactive defense. It offers a variety of features that are unbeatable.

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Comodo Antispam Gateway


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