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Comodo Dome Antispam is an enterprise antispam and threat prevention system that uses a sophisticated array of spam filters, anti-virus scanners and content analysis engines to prevent unsolicited mail from ever entering your network.

Easy to Use

Centralized management console simplifies per-user and per-group mail management.

Security needs differ from employee to employee. You may want to apply different security levels to different employees such as from finance or sales departments. Dome Antispam gives you the freedom to define different type of profiles with different security features and restrictions.

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Innovative Advanced Protections

Containment protects from the newest forms of ransomwares, zero-malwares and other advanced threats. The Valkyrie file verdict system analyzes unknown files. Users are free to open, execute and use the attachments with ZERO risk of infection.

Comodo's unique containment technology ensures that risks are fully contained before reaching the end point, so there is no risk of infection, even from the newest malware. Comodo Dome Antispam uses the Valkyrie file verdict platform. It utilizes a combination of static, dynamic and advanced behavioral analysis to inspect files as they are being downloaded.

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Flexible Usage

Exhaustive archiving and instant search allows you to locate important information quickly and easily.

You do not lose any emails. Whenever you want, you can easily access any emails in the Dome Antispam archive, which uses advanced search options.

For all your email, both archived and quarantined, you can resend, delete, mark as spam — whatever you want — right on the management console.

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Stable Filtering

Stable filtering restores bandwidth that was lost due to unsolicited email traffic, reducing the load on your email server.

Unwanted traffic is filtered before it reaches your network, while the email you want is right there. And you can do with those emails what you will.

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Efficient System

Efficient System restores productivity to users by identifying and deleting spam.

We all face torrents of unsolicited emails every day. The lost employee time is significant. Plus, how many of these unknown files contain malware like viruses and trojans? The answers may be a lot higher than you think. Even staff who visit a fraudulent website may compromise or infect your network.

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Features for Dome Antispam
shared server
E-mail Archiving and Quarantine
Full Antispam and Antivirus Filtering
Auto Whitelisting
Independent policies for incoming and outgoing mail
IPv6 Support
SMTP IPS/Firewall
Email Classification
Antivirus Scanning (Comodo AV and Valkyrie integrations)
Intelligent learning adapts to new spam technologies
Quickly analyze and composes spam signatures
User Authentication (LDAP, Active Directory, MySQL, and LocalDB)
Set email attachment size limits
Multiple administrative tiers and permissions
Syslog & SNMP Support (Simple Network Management Protocol)
Domain Keys Antispoofing technology (DKIM)
Reputation Network (RN)
Auto Back-up for Remote Server
E-mail, IP or Domain-based Whitelist/ Blacklist
Blocking invalid email recipients and senders
Sent E-mail limitation based on user name and domain
Recipient control through LDAP, Active Directory, MySQL, and local databases
Banner and plugin filter
Identification of various connection ports based on recipient’s domains
Preventing DoS Attacks
Unlimited number of admins with different Authorization Levels
Generation of domain and email based policies
Redirecting archived mails to another email address
Periodical quarantine report
Instant controlling of quarantined emails through management interface
Reverse DNS Control
Filtering Sent Mails
Reporting in graphics and table formats
Support directly from Comodo support teams
Support from portal/forums
Multitenant Hosting Capability
Hosting Your Own Antispam on Cloud
Dome SWG Integration


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