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I've been using Comodo AV since 2010 for FREE. I never have a problem with it as it will keep all nasty thing away. I installed this for people who asked me to check their PC and they never had a virus problem since then. If you don't want to be bothered with all pop up warnings just activate the "Game Mode". Since I already working now, i will spent some cash on this to support this awesome product.

free antivirus

thanks for free comodo

Aby Arthunkal, Kerala, India
Just Loved it!

What an antivirus yaar! Just superb! The best antivirus I ever used! Actually I became the promoter of this in my Village! Love it...

Wendell Buddy
Comodo A/V

So it used to be good. Then it got better. Now it is absolutely essential! I gave up on the Firewall, some thing goes wrong to hard to remove but running the AV with the Privacyware Privatefirewall I have become certain this is the best combination you could ever have. But I do want to say to Comodo, I have tried the new style Firewall and again, same issue. The A/V get's 5 stars but the Firewall A/V combo I'm not even going to look at again.

(Impressions about Comodo Antivirus Free).

About a year ago that I use Comodo antivirus free. I must admit that at first time I was a little unsure of his huge ability, but afterwards I noticed that his behavior was quite remarkable as an ally and defender of my computer continuing attacks that originate from the web, eliminating many harmful elements from my pc. For this reason, I have to thank very Comodo House for the continuous and constant commitment in the development of this program that will continue for me to will improve again! I thanks to all those who have contributed to the success of this excellent and valid product, although not advertised much in the web pages! One of a kind, irreplaceable and excellent defense shield on my computer! Salvatore

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