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A Secure Email certificate adds security and authenticity to your email communications. Encryption keeps your email private while digital signing ensures the integrity and authenticity of the message.

What is an Email Certificate?

Email Certificates are essential for business communication. Signing an email authenticates the sender so any modifications to the message contents will alert the recipient. An email certificate also encrypts the email contents and attachments so they can only be decrypted and read by the intended recipient.

Can email certificates protect my business mail?

Yes. Comodo Secure Email certificates provide true 'end-to-end' security, meaning nobody can intercept and read your messages on their journey over the internet. This prevents cyber criminals or even competitors from eavesdropping or modifying your mails through a man-in-the-middle attack.

Why use Comodo Secure Email Certificates?

Secure Certificates let you digitally sign emails to prove that the attachments and email content actually came from you. Secure Email Certificates allow you to easily encrypt your emails and ensure that the attachments and messages may only be read by the intended recipients. Digitally signing email with a Digital Certificate means that it is impossible for anyone to edit the content of your mail without the recipient being alerted.

Provide message integrity

Authenticate communications

Keep your emails private

Secure business information

Provide data integrity

Prove message origination

Why Comodo?

Comodo is a leader in encryption technology, as the world's second largest Certification Authority;
Comodo's digital certificates are fully trusted by 99 percent of email clients including:

Microsoft Outlook
Mozilla Thunderbird
Any other S/MIME compliant software

Comodo's expertise in encryption gives you the easiest way to guarantee your privacy.

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