PC Support Manager™
Reseller Edition

PC Support Manager Reseller Edition combines superior remote access, automated PC repair and maintenance tools to create a virtual support and sales network between you and your clients.

PC Support Manager Reseller Edition

PC Support Manager Features and Benefits

  • Provides a platform for annual maintenance contracts for business and consumer clients
  • Allows remote sale and installation of software products
  • Saves time, travel and resource costs by providing secure remote access and PC management services
  • Improve support productivity with built-in automation
  • Provide billable repair and support services through remote access to end user PCs

Why use PC Support Manager?

PC Support Manager Reseller Edition creates a virtual support and sales network between Solution Providers or System Builders and their clients. When clicked, this icon connects users directly to the support and/ or sales team creating easy remote access to their services or products.

Why use this solution?

Beyond simply using a reactive Remote Access tool, PC Support Manager provides a platform that saves time and generates new revenue opportunities. Your license also allows distribution of Comodo Internet Security to businesses at no additional cost, making your services more valuable and your profits greater.

Create the best virtual support and sales network between you and your clients.

For the Operator/Administrator

Remote access and control

of end user PCs to diagnose and correct PC issues

Chat log to record sessions


for automated service operations. The operator only needs to monitor progress and handle exceptions.


Automated processes to clean and scan for malware and viruses on PCs and optimize for performance.

Multiple Sessions

Simultaneous support of multiple end users
(only limited by plan purchased and operator capacity).

Administrative Dashboard

Supervisors can view and monitor ongoing support sessions,
to help manage support staff (Based on roles/levels assigned)

For the End User

Automatic Setup

Installs with just a mouse click. Automatically installs and configures with no restart required.

Zero Touch Wizard Menu

Subscribing end users have a menu of common PC services that can be selected to run automatically or can start a chat with the operator.

Unattended Support

End user presence is not required in order for Operators to offer remote access and support to PCs if a prescheduled appoint is arranged

Command Shell

Operators can discretely access the command line of the desktop to perform system diagnosis, troubleshooting without disrupting the user.

Notification Zone/Icon

Displays during sessions and provides a full log at any time during the session

Create the best virtual support and sales network between you and your clients.


Frequently asked questions about PC Support Manager

What Operating Systems are supported with PC Support Manager?

PC Support Manager is supported with XP 32/64 Vista 32/64 Windows 7 32/64.

Is PC Support Manager compatible with dual monitor setup?


Do I need to preinstall anything on the client's machine to gain access?

The GeekBuddy client application must be installed on end user PCs in order to allow remote access.

What are the system requirements for PC Support Manager?

Active Internet connection
Windows XP and above
A PC with 20 MB hard disk free space

Can I use PC Support Manager to reboot the target computers and still be connected?


What is the average bandwidth usage per session for the support representative?

Bandwidth depends on activity. Remote access connection requires between 15 KB and 500 KB/sec, while Plug-ins require less than 1 KB/sec.

How does PC Support Manager enable remote access and support through corporate firewalls?

In most cases, remote access is not blocked by firewalls. However, if it is, the client/company must set policies to allow the remote access through the GeekBuddy application.

How does PC Support Manager licensing work?

Resellers can choose from an unlimited plan or a pay as you go plan.

Can other vendors integrate products to work with PC Support Manager?

Other vendors can adapt their products to be integrated using our software developer's kit.

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