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Antivirus for Linux
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Free Linux Antivirus and Mail Gateway

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Powerful anti-virus and email filtering software for Linux based computers.


  • Detects and eliminates viruses from Linux based laptops and desktops
  • Mail gateway blocks email-borne viruses and spam
  • Features on-access, on-demand and cloud based scanning
  • Virus definitions updated multiple times per day
  • Simple to use: install and forget while Comodo Antivirus protects you in the background
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radwan hallak
5 stars

good job thank you

Super but needs an upgrade

The antivirus finds nothing is this right yes it is, we have not to deal with an Windows 7 or Windows 8. We are dealing with linux and even mine samba share and window apps trough wine are safe with comodo it sees everything.

Mauricio Fernandez
Pc Tecnician

Untill today I haven't found 1 inux virus... but Comodo AV gives the linux user a tool to avoid infect windows users when they share files... Remember if that .rar album you just downloaded is infected with a win virus.. it might be safe inside a linux enviroment... but when you share it with a win user... virus will still be in that .rar file....

Hisakazu Itoi
Thank you.

This software discovered a virus even for windows in my computer installed linux. Thank you.

Administrator, NDAS
Watch Your Version

While we have often recommended Comodo software to Windows users, and do wish to do so for Linux users, be very careful that you are running the right distrobution AND version before install this. It is a slightly convoluted process as well.

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