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Comodo Enterprise Certificate Manager

What is Enterprise Certificate Manager?

A Certificate Manager uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to manage digital certificates in order to secure sensitive communication passing through your enterprise network.

Digital certificates are also known as public key certificate because they employ public key infrastructure (PKI) to secure data in motion. The use of digital certificates is important for corporate businesses to establish authenticity, to abide by industry standards, and to earn trust from their stakeholders.

Use Enterprise Certificate Manager from Comodo to keep track of all certificates, automate certificate lifecycle management, reduce security risks, administer internal and external certificates and avoid the hassles of maintaining manual spreadsheets.

Save time and ease the process to request, purchase, revoke or renew large volumes of digital certificates including SSL certificates, S/MIME email and client authentication certificates, device certificates and code-signing certificates. Comodo's Certificate Manager is cloud-based software, which reduces the hassles of hardware or PKI management expertise.

Enterprise Certificate Manager from Comodo is fully integrated with the Comodo Certificate Authority operation, which ensures highly secure and
rapid certificate management.

  • Provides Centralized Digital Certificate Management
  • Improving Security
  • Reduces Management Time
  • Reduces Legal Fees
  • Reduces Development Costs
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Features and Benefits

More than 7,00,000 businesses all across the globe use Comodo solutions to secure their identity, trust and brand assurance. Comodo offers the industry's broadest array of digital certificates and terms, excellent browser-recognition of its own 2048 bit root-keys, fully-featured certificate management utilities and attractive pricing.

Comodo's Certificate Manager streamlines the lifecycle management of digital certificates through its unified and secure web interface – which allows for easier administration, fast certificate issuance, lower costs and improved security. Some of its advanced features are listed below:

Certificate Lifespan Administration

Enables nominated administrators the ability to manage the lifespan, issuance, deployment, renewal and revocation of certificates on an organization, department and per user basis.

Certificate Discovery and Scanning

Allows network admins to scan and monitor details of each certificates purchased from different vendors.

Two-Factor Authentication and/or IP Address Validation

Enforces highly secure administrative account access protection.

Configure Email Notifications

Notifies admins about requests, approvals, expirations or revocations or to enable certificate owners and administrators to receive expiration notices in advance.

Key Escrowing

Holds private keys of end-user's client certificates under risky circumstances until authorised admins can recover it.

Certificate Reporting

Provides detailed activity logs and status reports about all certificates issued and managed via Comodo's Certificate Manager.

Real-Time Status Checking

Employs real-time Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) to eliminate latency and reduce the risk of security breaches from non-valid certificates.

Comodo's Certificate Manager offers customized, multi-tiered administrative web interface that streamlines the enrolment and distribution of user keys and fits perfectly to your business model.

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