Comodo Certificate Manager

Advanced Certificate Issuance and Lifecycle Management

Comodo PKI Manager
Keeping track of digital certificates and their renewal dates is a big job and it’s only going to get harder. Expired SSL certificates can cause systems to break, services to go down, and trust in your business to wane.

“Gartner clients continue to cite x.509 certificate expiries as being a leading concern with respect to management of certificates.”


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Simplify SSL / PKI Certificate Tracking, Management,
Security and Compliance

Comodo Certificate Manager is a centralized certificate management solution designed to simplify digital certificate issuance and lifecycle management. By providing you with a secure, reliable and consistent organizational structure, you can self-administer, instantly provision and control all the SSL / PKI certificates in your enterprise and maintain trust.

Try the Comodo Certificate Manager platform 30-days for free and get a 15% discount
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“Comodo Certificate Manager has become a major part of our IT management infrastructure, allowing us to update, add and delete thousands of digital certificates with a streamlined dashboard and email alert system.”

Craig Hurter, IT Security Manager, University of Colorado at Boulder

Comodo Certificate Manager Advanced Certificate Issuance and Lifecycle Management

Streamlines SSL Certificate Discovery, Facilitating Certificate Management

After a comprehensive scan of external and internal networks to discover every certificate regardless of issuer, Certificate Manager automatically imports all relevant information, bringing the entire certificate inventory under central control with a comprehensive view of all certificates from all CAs.

Fast, Customer-Focused Rollout

The cloud-based solution streamlines deployment, enabling PKI management within hours. SSL certificates can be issued immediately to protect network users, servers, applications, objects and devices. An automatic enrollment process facilitates requests for and issuance of SSL, client authentication and S/MIME certificates.

Comodo’s CA Infrastructure is WebTrust Certified by Ernst & Young

A proven and thoroughly trusted global solution, Comodo Certificate Manager creates an efficient, productive, and secure business environment that allows you to issue digital certificates for use within internal and external networks, websites, and email systems.

Granular User Management Offers Easy Access and Permissions Control

Granular user management offers permissions control for easy access enabling a master administrator to assign specific permissions to various personnel. Business sector management of a department’s certificate assets, networks, domains, or subdomains can be delegated to the appropriate administrator.

Comodo Certificate Manager Saves Businesses Time and Money

Comodo provides competitive discounts to enable quick and easy fulfillment of multiple certificate requirements for distributed systems, personnel and load balancing. This saves enterprises time and money, and our flat fees do away with forecasting, you pay only for what you need.

Maximizes Certificate Management throughout Lifecycle with Minimal Resources

Comodo Certificate Manager discovers all certificates in the trust chain (root, intermediate, end-entity) and provides details including issuing authority and expire date to help avoid errors and overhead. Customize certificate lifecycle management for your organization with managed services.

Try the Comodo Certificate Manager platform 30-days for free and get a 15% discount
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  • Flexible and reliable system for digital certificate issuance and lifecycle management
  • Centralizes and automates management of cryptographic keys and digital certificates
  • Ensures that certificates do not expire unexpectedly
  • Secure, tiered cloud-based administration
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration
  • Certificate Discovery Tool finds all certificates no matter who issued them
  • Administrative protection using two-factor authentication and/or IP address validation
  • Integrate into your enterprise with federation and APIs for provisioning and reporting
  • Comodo CA allows sub-CAs for qualified enterprises to intermediate their own root
Try the Comodo Certificate Manager platform 30-days for
free and get a 15% discount
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Why Comodo?

Comodo developed its advanced certificate issuance and lifecycle management platform in partnership with Fortune 500 companies to help enterprises maintain trust by providing a fully automated SSL/PKI certificate management solution. In 2005, Comodo founded the Certificate Authority/Browser (CA/B) Forum, a consortium of CAs and Internet browser providers who develop guidelines that govern the issuance and management of digital certificates. Today, Comodo is the leading certificate authority with over 40% global market share.