ComodoDragon Internet Browser

Fast and versatile Internet Browser based on Chromium, with highest level of security!

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Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

Own a Dragon that will:

  • Keep you safe and secure
  • Give you unsurpassed speed
  • Friendly user interface to start
  • Provide Customized plugins and add-ons
  • End crashes or frozen windows

Why is Online Security So Important to You?

Internet is the world's foremost communicative medium. Each day, the volume of messages it transmits, the tidal wave of credentials, ID numbers and passwords it requires, the preponderance of data it exhibits, and the endless array of transactions it helps consummate is unsurpassed!

The Internet has grown up and of course the sophistication of millions of hackers, scammers, phishers and thieves has grown too. Comodo Dragon is your must-have online privacy keeper which has all essential features in a light yet powerful browser.

Today's Internet users require MORE than a Web Browser that is faster, nimbler and more stable. They need one that is secure too! In 2012 alone, more than 27 million new strains of malware were created, causing a 400% jump in compromised Web sites worldwide.

"Next Generation Endpoint Security with Integrated System Hardware and Software management and Instant User Assistance."

The Secrets Of Comodo Dragon Web Browser

This is exactly why Comodo, the world's leading online security and trust assurance innovator, has stepped forward with Comodo Dragon. – A Chromium technology-based Web Browser that offers you all of Chrome's features PLUS the unparalleled level of security and privacy you only get from Comodo. Including a greater level of privacy than Chromium technology offers.

System Requirements

Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP, 128 MB RAM and 40 MB Hard Disk Space

Your smartest way to surf safely online
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Getting Started with ARC

hi sir ARC Welder app is not compatible on this version can u pls fix this problem :(

Lovely, Beautiful & So Useful & Safe

hi people. We are Iranian and we love 3 lovely Browser of comodo. Comodo Dragon, Comodo IceDragon, Comodo Chromium. 3 Lovely Browser in world. i hope Producer continue and upgrade every 3 browser. use it safely and just enjoy it


with out download manager problems that's fast secure and stable at work i guess even better than chrome thanks comodo very very much..!

Security matters

When it comes to a genuine internet security, there is nothing better than these 3 browsers (best used in combination!): Comodo Dragon, Tor and Epic Browser.

For Linux

Please make this browser available for linux also

What makes Comodo Dragon the Browser for the new decade?

The Comodo companies are innovative and prolific developers of online security and trust assurance solutions. The Comodo Dragon Internet Browser has taken the latest Chromium technology and beefed it up in the one way necessary to make it the optimum Browser to use on today's malware plagued Internet. – Superior Security and Privacy. Comodo Dragon not only gives you the complete compliment of features offered by Chromium (key features listed above), it also gives you Comodo's unsurpassed security and privacy features.

Comodo Dragon Web Browser Security:

  • Has privacy enhancements that surpass those in Chromium's technology
  • Has Domain Validation technology that identifies and segregates superior SSL certificates from inferior ones
  • Stops cookies and other Web spies
  • Prevents all Browser download tracking to ensure your privacy
Your smartest way to surf safely online
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Frequently Asked Questions about Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

1) What's the difference between Google Chrome and Comodo Dragon?

The Dragon encompasses all of the best features of Chrome. It includes an important feature every user needs to use the Internet in total safety today. – Strong security and privacy.

4) What makes Comodo Dragon better?

Chromium technology was engineered to offer Web users an Internet Browser that surpassed Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Especially when it comes to functional speed, stability and convenience. Comodo Dragon Web Browser includes stronger security features.

7) Will trying Comodo Dragon Internet Browser cost me anything?

No. Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is absolutely FREE. Much like many of the other innovative Internet solutions offered by Comodo.

2) What's the difference between Mozilla FireFox and Comodo IceDragon?

IceDragon features privacy and performance enhancements over the Firefox core browser as well as additional features such as SiteInspector malware scanning, Comodo Secure DNS and improved social media functionality.

5) Why is a Internet Browser that provides greater security and privacy necessary?

Simple. The Internet has grown up. Malware plagues the Internet. In 2009 alone, more than 25 million new strains of malware were created, causing a 400% jump in compromised Web sites worldwide.

Venturing onto the Web today (in an age in which one continually reveals social security, bank account and credit card numbers as well as a plethora of other sensitive data) can be like walking down a hallway with portraits on the walls.

Portraits with eyes that watch everything you do and people hidden behind them ready to take advantage, based on what you let them see! --- Never have you needed to protect your privacy more on the Web!

3) Which should I choose: Comodo Dragon Web Browser or Comodo IceDragon Web Browser?

The choice is yours! Both versions of Dragon feature security and privacy improvements over the originals and both feature additional Comodo tools and services.

Our goal is to offer a secure, feature-enhanced alternative to both Chromium and Firefox user-bases while retaining the benefits and user experience of the original browsers. If you prefer FireFox, try IceDragon. If Chrome is the browser for you, then why not give Dragon a whirl?

6) Will Comodo Dragon Web Browser run on my computer?

Comodo Dragon Web Browser will run on Microsoft Windows 7, as well as Windows Vista and XP.

Your smartest way to surf safely online
Free Download
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