Secure Email Certificates

Email is fast and easy form of communication, but unless you encrypt your messages you risk someone intercepting, reading, altering or destroying your emails.
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  • Provide message integrity
  • Authenticated communications
  • Protect email messages
  • Secure business information
  • Assurance of data integrity
  • Prove message origination
  • Easily encrypt messages

Why use Comodo SecureEmail Certificates?

Secure Certificates let you digitally sign your email to prove that the message and attachments actually came from you. Secure Email Certificates allow you to easily encrypt your email and ensure that the messages and attachments may only be read by the intended recipients. Digitally signing email with a digital Certificate means that it is impossible for anyone to alter the contents of your mail without the recipient being alerted.

Why Comodo?

Deploying Comodo solutions means embarking on a relationship with a security partner that has the expertise, experience and understanding about how to help businesses achieve their security and productivity goals. Comodo the world's second largest Certification Authority, Comodo's digital Certificates are fully trusted by 99 percent of email clients. Comodo's expertise in certificates keep the easiest way to protect your business information.

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