Comodo SSL Corner of Trust

Comodo's Corner of Trust is an innovative solution allowing merchants to quickly build trust with online visitors. This TrustLogo utilizes exclusive technology to display information about your business while keeping shoppers firmly on your site.

All single and wildcard SSL certificates sold at include a Corner of Trust.

Corner of Trust Benefits:

Corner of Trust Features:

  • Convert more visitors into buyers
  • Build valuable trust with visitors
  • Differentiate your site from competitors
  • Eye catching design
  • Ever-present on a webpage
  • Visitors never leave your site

How it Works

Corner of Trust is a TrustLogo, a site seal which leverages Comodo's exclusive Corner of Trust technology. This technology allows the TrustLogo to remain ever-present in the lower-right corner of a webpage regardless of monitor size or scrolling. You've paid for your site seal; why not get the most of it? Don't allow your site seal to get lost below the fold!

When a visitor mouses-over your TrustLogo, a small window appears to display information about your business. This helps establish credibility by letting them see that your business has been validated by a trusted third-party. Additionally, it displays these vital identity details without distracting pop-ups or redirects, keeping your visitor on your site.

Try it out for yourself!

Just hover your mouse over the Corner of Trust at the bottom of this page.

You'll see information about Comodo presented in real-time directly for up to the second validity!

The end result? You'll convert more website visitors into paying customers.

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