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IceDragon: A faster, more secure version of Firefox

  • Features of Comodo IceDragon

    • Fast, easy to use and light on PC resources
    • Scan web-pages for malware right from the browser
    • Privacy and performance enhancements over Firefox core
    • Full compatibility with Firefox plug-ins
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  • Comodo IceDragon
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Just Replaced Firefox 38.0 With IceDragon

This works great and doesn't seem to have the memory leaks Firefox 38.0 has. Please upgrade this! It's such a great browser, it seems a shame not to upgrade it to the latest version. I for one will not be trying Vivaldi. I don't trust tech previews.

newest version

not a very good job guys , kinda screwed up here , for instance, where are the stop and reload buttons??? going back to the earlier version 26, at least it has the basic navigation buttons , you might want to consider not everyone has two working hands and needs those buttons.

Language change

I had my old comodo ice dragon with polish language. When I update to new i have now in English. Can i change it to polish, or install some language file?

GReAt Br0wsER ! ! ;-)

Happy to use it because is light and fast!

version for mac

Hi, Excellent browser, very light weight and stable, I prefer this browser than firefox. Why don't you have or make a version for Mac?? cheers, Edgar


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