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DNS is a critical link that ensures your website can be reached. Keep your website accessible and secure with Premium DNS from Comodo.

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Comodo DNS

What is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) provides the foundation for locating web addresses by translating easy to remember domain names into IP addresses used by computers. DNS is critical to the availability of your website. If DNS fails, a visitor can no longer reach his or her email or favorite websites. DNS by Comodo reinforces a business' website availability with a premium hosted DNS solution.

Benefits of using Premium DNS

Using traditional DNS, each connection must travel around the world to your registrar’s or host’s name servers to perform a DNS lookup. Depending on the distance between a visitor and your provider, this can create long connection times or latency. Websites using traditional DNS solutions also often experience dropped queries (404 or "page cannot be displayed" errors), slow page loads, and other issues. DNS by Comodo reduces such problems with our premium IP anycast network technology by connecting users to the nearest name servers, maximizing network performance for a faster site. Plus with the included GeoDNS suite, you can automatically detect and send visitors from different geographic regions to the destination of your choice for traffic load balancing or content localization.

Why choose DNS by Comodo

DNS by Comodo improves website performance and scalability for thousands of organizations, helping them connect with their audiences faster and more reliably by making DNS secure, usable, and fast. DNS by Comodo is a cloud based managed DNS service, so there is no additional equipment required or software to download or install. Experienced DNS specialists are available around the clock to assist with configuration and troubleshoot account and network issues.

If you are interested in purchasing Premium DNS click here or if you would like a consultation to discuss your DNS needs please contact us to speak with a DNS specialist.

Comodo dns

Managed unlimited DNS records

Fast anycast network technology

GeoDNS routes traffic by location

Geographic load balancing

IPv6 and DNSSEC compatibility

Secondary DNS/zone transfers

Easy web based control panel

Templates to apply common configurations

Scalable to grow and expand

24/7 email and phone support

Premium DNS from DNS by Comodo