It is becoming quite evident that cyber-crimes are increasing daily. Because of this SIEM, technical challenges are booming and only SIEM is responsible for making changes to the same. Security Information and Event Management is one of the best ways of pulling security data from an internal data network and putting it in the same place for analysts. Which three problems does SIEM solve is becoming a common question? SIEM is prioritizing and investigating all high-end problems. Some of the three problems and how to solve them through SIEM are listed as under:

Which three problems does SIEM solve?

Which Problems Does SIEM Solve?

1. Lack of proper content

SIEM helps in bringing internal data together for generating alerts. These are used for detecting any kind of suspicious internal activities of a company but without proper content, people remain unaware of all of these alerts. SIEM technical challenges that understand that external contexts are not enough to take the first step towards ingesting threat feeds to the system. These threat feeds are mostly listing raw data that might seem suspicious as well.

When they start their correlation with SIEM data, these tend to produce many false positive alerts and create noise in noisy surroundings. This is the first question that arises in which three problems do SIEM solve?


With the right intelligence threat, it gathers information from different sources and web pages both in technical senses. SIEM helps in the identification of all kinds of unknown threats and solving them. Intelligence SIEM provides enough context for the work and not just single information.

2. When the timing is off??

With the data having a short time shelf, it becomes very essential to correlate all kinds of threat feed data with all internal logs which are very close to real-time. When you want to focus on the main content, you have to switch off all other texts which are not essential at that moment. Correlating threat data feed with other data from weeks would help in checking whether your systems are working properly or not.

The only solution to this problem is that intelligence will help in cutting any kind of research time and help in providing a comprehensive view of the threat and get the landscape that the researcher would be able to manually take. Only minutes can make the entire difference, and it is possible in real-time with an essential edge.

3. Overloading of information

SIEM helps in generating many emails in many organizations and through which the companies get their alerts regularly. Sometimes the alerts take a longer time to solve which leads to overloading of information and data. Too many alerts at the same time make it impossible for the SOC to analyze all of them. This is the main reason that many alerts do not come into the notice of people. When any of these alerts go unnoticed, it creates a huge problem for the people of the organization. It becomes feasible to solve problems as and when they occur by relying on the manual processes.

The solution to this problem is that SIEM intelligence helps solve all the alerts by cutting them down in a day so that analysts can take the required time for taking action into the same process. Things like Machine learning helps to use wide sources and aggregates it with real-time usage. This reduces any kind of false hope and positivity that might come up with work.

4. Correlation rules being poor

One part of SIEM management is to maintain proper security. The SIEM solutions work on part of intelligence for detecting any kind of potential threat and creating an alert for the teams to investigate. It is the work of the IT teams to investigate into the matter properly so that the rules of correlation make sense altogether. They also help when you are making updates to your cybersecurity systems or other applications.

Not all intelligence threats work the same way. You have to be very careful while choosing the correct one for your company. When keeping your SIEM active, you are saving yourself from all kinds of cyber threats.

These are just some of the points showing how SIEM can be used with the help of intelligence for solving basic cyber hacks and problems in organizations. Take advice and help from the right IT experts who have complete knowledge of SIEM for getting out of a messy situation. SIEM is very helpful if you know the right way of using it!

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