What Is a Siem Exabeam?

The innovative Exabeam Security platform enables IT analysts to collect incalculable log data, make use of behavioral analytics in order to detect breaches, and automatically respond to the incidences. Siem Exabeam provides an extensive siem solution that is cost-friendly and productive. Advanced Exabeam technology uses a behavior-based strategy to detect threats, aggregate any relevant event, weed out admissible events, and make use of machine learning that further detects breaches in real-time. When normal behavior is tracked, false-positives are easily weeded out. This enhances detection rates ensuring that all alerts are put into consideration, even those emerging from systems that initiate many alerts. The Exabeam security platform helps security IT teams work intelligently.

Businesses can take advantage of the following;

  • Unlimited data architecture.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Automation capabilities.
What Is a Siem Exabeam?

Why is siem Exabeam important to organizations?

Ability to collect limitless log data.

Exabeam security can collect and easily search your data resources in a vital repository without creating compromises either due to a low budget or lack of extensibility. This is made possible by it combining advanced log data infrastructure and user-based pricing that has been predicted.

Automate and coordinate incident response.

With this solution, analysts from any type of level are allowed to combine diverged integrations with commercialized security solutions to automatically initiate response playbooks when replacing manuals, initiate error-prone procedures to guarantee timely, constant results and enhance response time.

Pliable deployment options.

Apart from being installed on-premises, Siem Exabeam can also be deployed on a cloud base, as a software service or either through a well-controlled security service provider which in turn helps with both the transition of CIOs and CISOs to the cloud. Software as a Service Cloud can act as a solution in the reduction of Siem deployment, conservation, and operational overhead which is done by dispatching Exabeam SMP that acts as a prime cloud service. SaaS cloud consumes and behaviourally evaluates log data from either on-premises or cloud sources to authorize organizations to detect, analyze, and respond to incidents.

Detect and Audit complicated and insider threat breaches.

With the help of behavioral analytics, an Exabeam user is able to detect suspicious behavior and question lateral movements within your company while inbuilt machines timelines tend to reduce time and any specialty required to discover attackers’ tactics, strategy and procedures. Cyberattacks are becoming more complicated and harder to detect. The use of correlation rules won’t help your organization detect attacks because of lack of context which normally end up initiating false negatives. With the help of Advanced Analytics products, attacks are detected automatically through behavioral analysis. Integration is done fully by Exabeam Threat Intelligence Service to allow real-time intelligence to explore potential threats within your organization discovering Indicators of Compromise and detect malicious activities.

Stores each security event.

Siem Exabeam data security is created to scale. Being a vast data platform integrated with an interface for security purposes, analysts are able to maintain it easily. Furthermore, long term data log storage can be kept easily and accessible through an integration of data lake and Exabeam Cloud Archive.

Easily Finds Hidden Data.

Exabeam Developed Analytics makes use of session data devices and models to find the most dangerous behaviors and draw your attention. Innate timelines tend to make it easier for organizations to spot attackers or suspicious users.

Make the right call.

With the help, if Exabeam Incident Responder, predefined playbooks automatically guide your SOC IT team of analysts on how to respond to security breaches. Handling of inside threats, malware functions and phishing become predictable, well structured, and with proof of what to show your appraiser. Inbuilt compliance reports are made possible with the help of Data Lake.

Such compliance regulations include;

  • CIP.
  • Sarbanes Oxley.
  • PCI-DSS.

They play a big role in demonstrating adherence to your company. Diverged security content makes sure that the right security controls are implemented and operation is done as expected. This will enable you to demonstrate compliance with your superiors.

Detect Lateral Movement.

Lateral movement is a way that cyberattacks use to maneuver through different networks by using machines, devices, IP addresses, and private credentials when searching for key assets. Detecting such will be quite difficult because log data must be analyzed from all corners and later on linking the breach to the source. Advanced Analytics product comes in handy as it’s technologies to track malicious activities whether a change is done on the machine, IP address, and credentials.


With our generation, cyberattacks have become more prolific and this is where Siem Exabeam comes in. With advanced tools, you are sure to be protected from malicious activities based on some of the advantages discussed above that come along with this upgraded detecting technology.

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