There are numerous people who use SIEM as a Service in their business. SIEM stands for security information and event management. There are a lot of people who don't have SIEM knowledge but they're using it in their business. When anyone starts working before knowing about it then they start getting problems and don't know how to solve them. And in the same way, after some time they start getting Potential SIEM problems (and how to solve them). It's very important for everyone to know deeply about the thing which you're using.

So in this article, we are here to provide you detailed information regarding potential SIEM problems (and how to solve them). We cover the topic of which three problems that SIEM can solve. So, let's start:

Which three problems that SIEM can solve:

1. The problem of Information overloaded

How to Solve Potential SIEM Problems?

There are a lot of interconnected systems and processes in the network of an organization. SIEM generates a lot of alert signals frequently, the number of alerts can be a thousand many times. And normally to check an alert it takes a minimum of one minute with an alert. Undoubtedly, it's impossible for a SOC expert to check all the alerts.

So unsurprisingly there are a lot of alerts that remain unchecked. And the analyst can't be reliable on just only manual process for research and resolution.


Automated threat intelligence helps the analyst to quickly go through them by cutting down the checking time. Because the manual process takes a lot of time but threat intelligence takes less time as compared to them. By using machine learning and natural language processing the intelligence solution does not only do data recording but also aggregates and correlates it into real-time. It also helps the analyst to check important first and then unimportant later. So that it takes less time and will be able to complete all the alerts.

2. The second problem is No outside view and a lack of context:

SIEM has to bring internal data to generate alerts. It's very essential to have a smart system that detects suspicious internal activity. But have you thought that it's enough for security? Internal activity is important but we must have to take care of the external as well.

So for the external security people have to invest in threat feeds with the internal alerts. It's a good idea but it created more work for the analyst. Now he has to spend more time doing manual research.

Threat feeds are usually a list of raw data of some certain topics, suspicious IP address and many more. And when we correlate it with SIEM then it generates some false alerts and noise as well. The analyst has to put more effort to manage all that.


The threat intelligence solutions gather data from various sources like open web sources which are security blogs, news, and social media. Along with them it also takes the data of dark web sources. This data can be correlated with internal network data from SIEM quickly and identify unknown threats easily.

3. The third problem is related to timing off

So you have got to know that you must have to reduce the number of alerts. You find the best way to do is the correlation between external and internal data and find some threat. It's enough?

Correlation is good for identifying threats but this kind of data has a short life. It's just about for a few hours or even a few minutes in some cases. It means that you can use it in real-time and also close in real-time. But this brings us back to the problem of information overloaded. This creates the problem of the analyst to decide what to focus on and what to ignore.


An automated threat intelligence solution significantly cuts down research time and provides you an easy view of the threat landscape than any other manual map. When you're dealing with a security event it just takes a few minutes. These are the main three problems which are faced by a lot of people. If you're one of them then you will get a lot of benefits from this useful information. If you want to know more then you must have to visit our website. You will get all the answers to your questions. But if you have any kind of query related to anything then feel free to contact us. We have a very helpful and friendly staff who is ever ready to serve you.

What is SIEM in Security?


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