What are the three characteristics of Siem that you should look out for?

With increasing incidents of cyber-attacks, organizations must invest in a security solution such as SIEM. With so many solutions in the market, it is quite difficult to determine which product to opt for. It is important to know what are the three characteristics of SIEM that you must consider while choosing your next solution. here is the list of features that will help you choose a SIEM solution:

What are the Three characteristics of SIEM?:

1. Real-time data and log collection and log correlation:

the basic characteristic of SIEM, just like blood in living things is log collection. It is the feature that determines the value of a product giving a SIEM solution. choose a SIEM that ingests log data from multiple external sources and IT devices including security devices, servers, operating systems, applications, and more. This log data about the IT infrastructure of your organization which is collected by the SIEM system is then mapped to the information of the logs.

What are the three characteristics of SIEM?

The SIEM that you choose should be able to control and manage the entire network’s security system. While configuring the SIEM you should consider which devices will be generating the logs for your SIEM solution. with log collection and management, the security team gets rich insights about the overall network health and activities. The SIEM solution must collect logs on a real-time basis so that threats are detected at the earliest and you can take the best possible actions.

Log correlation is another important aspect of a SIEM solution. logs that are generated from multiple sources differ from each other and can be difficult to be interpreted. Some systems give detailed insights while others may give unreadable output. This becomes difficult for the analyst to sort the raw data. With log correlation, it is possible to understand the network threats precisely. This is done by making use of data parsers that can help to read the messages from interrelated log data and make sense of that data details. This correlated data is then fed into feeds of threat intelligence and any type of threat or malicious activity that is found can be detected. Check whether the SIEM solution has a system of threat intelligence feed or not.

2. Alerts and notification on a real-time basis:

another important characteristic of SIEM solutions are alerting and notification. Triggered events can be set by a security analyst based on some data points that are found in the log collection and log correlation process. If the system detects any threats then real-time alerts are delivered to the security team directly for remediation and further investigation.

With this feature, the SIEM system makes it possible for analysts to take action on attacks on a quick basis. It can prevent a potential decrease in your Mean time to detect and respond too. It will also be able to reduce the time that a threat actor is in your environment. This will prevent the loss of revenue or damage to your brand reputation for your organization.

3. Prioritization, Analytics, Reporting, and AI:

on the generation or trigger of an alert you should be able to assign it a priority based on alert rules, security policies, and threat detection. This is the third characteristic of a SIEM solution. It is important to have alert prioritization because it is important to focus most on the most dangerous threats first. SIEM solutions can create hundreds of thousands of events in a second. The job of the security analysts is to sift through these alerts and then gather valuable information from the SIEM system to investigate the events quickly.

You should also look out for artificial intelligence and machine learning features in the SIEM solution. With machine learning, you can check for patterns through the log data to identify where security is compromised. With AI the accuracy of SIEM correlation events and rules can get more accuracy. This can help to investigate more complex and sophisticated attacks too.

Along with this reporting and dashboards should also be considered while choosing a SIEM solution. they help in accurately distributing the information. There should be a facility for pre-defined as well as custom reports that can satisfy your business needs. The reports should be available in different formats and should be exported to other applications too.

Apart from these security workflows is also a characteristic feature of SIEM. For further information about SIEM and its working, do contact us on https://www.comodo.com/partners/mssp/.

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