WebTrust Compliant

Qualified to Secure the Internet.

The Hot Companies Award is being given to distinguished information security companies demonstrating success with the "4 Ps", Products, People, Performance and Potential, to inform end-users about the protective solutions available to defeat the next generation of highly sophisticated and blended online attacks. Comodo's commitment to ensuring trust on the Internet through its suite of highly effective products, dedication to protecting online transactions for consumers and e-Merchants, and unmatched "white list" approach to defeating phishing scams and viruses made it a perfect candidate for the award.

WebTrust is an independent auditing process run under AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) guidelines designed to address customer concerns about privacy, security, and business practices and signifies that Comodo meets independent standards for the issuing and managing digital certificates.

WebTrust is a comprehensive, thorough review by qualified independent specialists which meets or exceeds the US industry consensus standards for privacy established by the Online Privacy Alliance. The program also substantively meets the standards for the European Union and Canada. WebTrust includes both privacy and security but also includes confidentiality, transaction integrity, business practice disclosures.

In order to maintain compliance Comodo is required to undergo a program of continuous scrutiny with formal reviews at least once every 6 (six) months. WebTrust compliancy is publicly signified by the internationally recognized WebTrust seal of assurance which is displayed on our web sites.

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