Why you need SIEM?

Every business needs a kind of security to protect itself from threats and fraud. But we can understand that the charges of cybersecurity create a burden on your business. And it's not the time to hire cybersecurity staff and pay them high. It's the modern and fast-changing world now you must have to give special attention to your business. Without hiring cybersecurity expensive staff, you can try our SIEM security as it is affordable and trustworthy. But at first, it's important for all of you to know about why you need SIEM. Because it's important that you should have to know the basics and a few important details. Basically, we are going to talk about SIEM needs in the below paragraphs. So, read them carefully and with concentration as well.

Why You Need SIEM?

So, let's start with our topic of why you need SIEM:

SIEM stands for security information and event management. We can clearly see that the IT sector and the technology world increase day by day. And the main thing is that they are getting more and more complex. So, it's very important for all of us to protect our business from threats spread in the market. And hence the SIEM needs are also increased day by day. SIEM security is getting more powerful day by day, for more details you can also visit our website.

5 Reasons Why You Need SIEM?

Points to remember why SIEM is more Important:

1. Compliance

Every business follows some rules and regulations for long survival in the market. But it's very tough for every security procedure to handle them. Only SIEM can easily handle them directly or indirectly.

2. Operations support

The size of our business increases day by day so our complexity regarding business security. There are numerous operations that take place in an organization like NOC and SOC. They transfer data and details to each other for further processes taking place in the body. But when any threat or error happens then all of us have to suffer the problems. But when you're using SIEM then it collects all your data from different sources and stores them in one place. Then that data is scanned and managed by a team of specialists.

3. Zero-day threat detection

New technologies for security are discovered every day and their purpose is just to serve you so that you don't have to worry regarding the safety and security of the business. Let us tell you that many solutions that are available in the market do not equip us with zero-day threat detection. But a SIEM solution provides you zero threat detection system technique. You can easily trust a SIEM for your business safety and security.

4. Advanced persistent threats

Advanced persistent threats are defined as a threat detector of a particular piece of data or infrastructure. And by using a combination of attack vendors and methods, simple or advance, to elude detection. A security team is not successful to provide a depth security to your business. Because they are not capable of handling that much data and activities of your business. But a SIEM technology can bring together into a single-engine and then perform the further task. These tasks include monitoring, detection, scanning, etc.

5. Forensics

As we know the forensic investigation is a long-term process. And that investigation also demands old data of the business to solve any kind of case regarding your business. Normal business security doesn't have enough strength to handle that much data in its storage. And if it is stored then it is not admissible to the court. But SIEM provides you a large data storage option which you can use for storing data of your business. And it is in good form so that you can show it to others very well.

Log data represents the digital fingerprints of all the activities that have occurred in the infrastructure. It can be mined to detect security, operations, and other problems. But a SIEM technology has the capacity to automate log monitoring, correlation, pattern recognition, forensic investigations. This acts as a central nervous system for gathering and generating IT intelligence.

We hope that now the SIEM need is clear to you. At the present time, SIEM security is more advanced than any other kind of security. If you want more details regarding all this then you must have to visit our website. There you will get the detailed information from the SIEM stands for advanced level knowledge. If you have any kind of query then feel free to contact us.

What is a SIEM?