Top SIEM tools and products

SIEM is a key component in the field of security connecting with comprehensive IT security. SIEM tools take and ingest logs and events data referring from various sources like software and appliances, applications and also using endpoints like PCs and Servers for giving the IT security team with centralized tools for identifying threats and security incidents. Large organizations have around 25,000 reports per second. Maintaining the security of all without a perfect team seems like a difficult task. It requires more than 50TB hardware for storing all of the records. Free SIEM tools come in the picture by prioritizing the important issues by filtering through all reports. With effective SIEM tools 2020, it will pay the money for staff saved time.

1.Best SIEM tools and what to look for in them

Before deciding on setting up the SIEM system, buyers need to check the cost, features, and ease of use of every SIEM system and SIEM tools. It turns out to be costly making it hard for startups to use it. Setting up complex technology needs time, and consultants and service experts come in handy with SIEM tools in companies. Some of the top SIEM tools 2020 are listed as under:

Best SIEM Tools


LogRhythm is one type of SIEM tool for those willing to pay higher for the security of their systems. The response and detection are topmost of this particular tool and deploying it quite easily making it a high product for any security system. It provides features about the full working of any SIEM product. Although with the monitoring cost being extra, LogRhythm is not preferred in all companies. It provides 37 features in different ranges and is available in the cloud, hybrid and also the software versions.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Those companies looking for an automated response with ease needs to look up to McAfee Security Manager with it being listed for its top easing use. With SIEM tools, it gives solid capabilities all across the board. The response time is automated making companies know about threats on its own. Even with less experienced people, deployment seems easier.


Snort comes out as Best SIEM Tools. It is one of the best SIEM tools 2020. The place is away from the host allowing more time in scanning and monitoring of the traffic. It helps in analyzing the work in real-time use. The working is in a robust form where it can be used for dumping packets and displaying packets all in real-time. If the network has 100gbsp or more than that, Snort turns out to be the perfect product for your company. The only thing is that your staff should know using the software. These SIEM tools can be used in many ways helpful for the company.

Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk is also one of the best SIEM tools in 2020. The thing that makes Splunk unique is its incorporated analytics having its heart directly into SIEM. All the working of network and data is decided on real-time taking away all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses and displaying all the alerts. The threat responding interface is very easy and simple. The asset investigator also does its work properly by taking away all malicious and suspicious activities.


OSSIM is very close to the working of ELK. It is like the open sister to the Unified Security Management package coming directly from AlienVault. It is such an amazing tool coming with an automated testing framework and is a great commercial offering. It is an open-source version making it easy for small deployments. Take all your commercial offerings if you want to pace up the scale.


ELK turns out to be the best SIEM tools 2020 in the market. It is a combination of many others like Logstash, Kibana, etc. Elasticsearch gives the engine methods of storing data. Logstash helps in receiving data from anywhere in the organization. It helps in the filtration of all log data whenever required. Kibana is the last means of showing the visuals. Each program operates its stack making the entire stack remain stable. The performance becomes higher with each passing time of using the SIEM tools.


Prelude is another open-source tool providing the platform for filling all the loopholes of the company. Logs are easily stored in multiple areas just from a single place. It uses IDMEF technology for analyzing and visualizing data.

SIEM tools are many in the market but the main question depends on you and your requirements for choosing the best!

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