9 things to keep in mind while choosing SIEM solutions

Cybercrimes are turning to be great concerns for businesses today. It is seen that hacking takes place every 39 seconds in some organization or the other. Investing in the right kind of SIEM solution plays a great role in this regard. With the best SIEM vendors, companies can know about attacks and threats in real-time and try covering them beforehand. Also, it becomes easy to react to any kind of potential threats. Cyber-attacks happen quite out of the blue and by keeping right infiltration, the threats are easily detected over weeks. SIEM solution helps to safeguard against expensive attacks and threats. Some of the things to look out for while choosing SIEM solution is listed as under:

1.Correlating security incidents

SIEM Solution must be able to detect correlated incidents and work with all the given equations. For instance, if there is a brute force attempt to happen, SIEM can help by detecting the logs, and making reports of the series of incidents happening. This in turn helps in the generation of high alerts thus helping the business.

2.Having Forensic capabilities

Forensic reports help in playing a great role in solving all kinds of breaches. The SIEM solution must provide security integration or else the whole of the incidents will fail in assisting the incident. Forensic is one parameter requiring great attention. The traditional SIEM fails in providing correct security intelligence and threat. The SIEM must be able to take timely actions when needed.

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3.Trying for Proof of Concept

Having a team will help in solving problems using the capacity in performing all kinds of security solutions. The tools used for the same must-have capabilities of solving security and managing the same. Try going for proof of concept while choosing the best SIEM tool. You have to ask yourself the questions of whether the SIEM tool is sufficient for you and whether it fits your requirements.


Having around the clock monitoring with customized reporting is useful for all kinds of organizations. Getting all SIEM reports manually can turn out to be time-consuming and automation is always preferred. You should choose one such tool having the capabilities of generating various types of reports in one go. The reports have to be generated automatically in any cases of the security breach. Some supporting reports are:

  • Service usage
  • Network traffic
  • Time series reports, etc.

5.The ability of ingestions and process network logs

All network loggings have so many reports generated daily keeping a record of which becomes difficult. They come in various formats and sources. One can try retrofitting any SIEM tool by using new connectors and new data but even that process is quite expensive. So, the SIEM solution must be able to ingest and process log data on its own. This is an important aspect while choosing a SIEM solution.

6.Maintaining time for doing work

Time is everything when it comes to maintaining cyber-crimes. Even if any event brings down your server, ensuring that it comes back on time is the root of progress. The longer time it takes for setting up, the more damage it does to the reputation of the business. Attacks are best tackled by solving them in real-time. SIEM does that best with the help of IT experts. So, your IT team must have complete knowledge about various updates in the field of SIEM solution.

7.Easy deployment

SIEM can run successfully with full help from all other departments of organizations. The deploying process should be in cooperation with all other people. With an easy deployment process, it gets easier to get into intracompany support. With better utilization of resources, it becomes easy in choosing the right SIEM for the company.

8.Managing logs

While choosing SIEM, see that it is preferable in managing logs from various sources and storing them in a centralized place. It needs maintenance as per the requirements of the security team and how they are working.

9.Having analytics capabilities

SIEM solution makes use of correct AI and tags to all generations of logs. Machine learning enhances the ability to learn in all situations. Machine learning makes it easy in learning it and providing support for analysis of security. It does everything automatically thus freeing up the work of all engineers.

Security is a challenging part of all companies. Having a good SIEM solution leads a company to success. But, SIEM deployment can cause hindrance if a right SIEM is not chosen in the first place!

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