Top benefits of SIEM as a service

Cybersecurity was not given much importance and recognition earlier but now it has become imperative for running business organizations. Cybercrimes are making their way into businesses with penetration cyber networks causing damage to property and business. Using every security tool in business helps in keeping networks secured for a longer time. Out of the many cybersecurity tools present in the market, SIEM turns out to be the best one. SIEM takes security logs from all the networks for using it centrally in business. Other security tools do not provide as many comprehensive details as in the case of SIEM open source.

Two principles of using SIEM products are either locally using business networks or with the help of the crowd. Using local SIEM helps in setting and maintaining the system. In the case of cloud-based SIEM software, the party vendor is responsible for maintaining the system. Some of the benefits of using SIEM are listed as under:

Benefits of SIEM as a service

1. Monitoring of network

Monitoring of networks is essential at all times for keeping it safe and secure. It helps in understanding the potential threats and working for them. With SIEM as service, the third-party vendor makes it sure that specialists are working hands-on for monitoring of the systems. The SIEM products and tools help in managing the network. The network threats will be solved easily creating no damage to data.

Benefits of SIEM

2. Saving costs

Setting up SIEM directly turns out to be expensive with payment to be made for both software and networking. There will be regular maintenance costs and hiring of specialists for monitoring of the network. If the profits are not looked after properly, then the costs can go out of hand damaging the business. While if you take SIEM as service, the responsibility goes to the third-party vendor for the hiring of specialists. They will do the maintenance part and only a fee is needed by these vendors. This saves money and becomes a lot cheaper.

3. Reporting of work

Having so many software tools becomes challenging for obtaining the security state of the entire network system. The software tools generate all of the results based on the tasks of experts and professionals. The best part about SIEM is that it deals in collecting all of the work centrally providing complete detailing of the entire network. SIEM vendors also help in the same process. The basic purpose of SIEM is managing all information in advance and giving details about various events as well.

4. Prevention of cyber-attacks

SIEM works by analyzing log files with the use of network hosts. They identify threats in this manner. Measures are taken seriously in case of arising of threats. On identification of threats, the SIEM open source helps in analyzing logs for finding threats concerning other security controls within the network. Notification of the threats helps in reducing the threat promptly. This work is very essential in the case of the cybersecurity of companies.

5. Assessing compliance

Local regulations show various ways of handling data and all of these vary according to states. Businesses failing to comply with all of these regulations fail in the end and they have to close down. With SIEM, reports are generated for showing efficiency by following regulations. It also shows all the areas requiring improvement of any sort.

Other benefits of SIEM

1.Segregation of data

Hackers love stealing in dark places over your network. Under most circumstances, visibility is lost with increasing users, databases, and third parties creating the zone for "Dark Places". SIEM comes in this way as it shows the light in the network. It helps in gathering information from all sources witnessing it in a single glass panel. With its extension, it also helps in uncovering all earlier threats and hidden spaces in the network.

2. Forensic analysis of breaches

Not just analyzing but SIEM products also deal with the part of breaching in major cases. Organizations try their best for saving their networks but small mistakes lead to breaches. SIEM products come with so many new features and tools for providing forensic analysis of all breaches. All of the systems are designed in such a way for the prevention of loss of companies.

Try out SIEM as service through many companies either online or offline. You can choose the SIEM network according to your budget and experts are always available for giving you the utmost security control systems.

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