Businesses and organizations require assurance that email cannot be stolen or modified in transit; take the necessary precautions to protect your business emails.

Encrypt them!
Email Encryption

Why use Comodo SecureEmail?

  • Simplest email encryption
  • No exchanging public keys first
  • Keeps emails secure
  • Protect business information
  • Automate email security
  • Simplify email security

Email is fast and easy, but unless you encrypt your businesses messages, you risk that someone could intercept them in transit. They can read your emails, alter or even destroy them. Comodo SecureEmail ensures that communications stay confidential. Comodo SecureEmail automatically encrypts and signs all outgoing emails and manages the complex certificate exchange procedure, keeping your emails secure.

Why choose Comodo?

Comodo has repeatedly helped businesses address their security requirements. Deploying Comodo solutions means embarking on a relationship with a security partner that has the deepest expertise, experience and understanding about how to help businesses achieve their security and productivity goals. Comodo is an industry leader in encryption, the second-largest issuer of high-assurance SSL certificate. Comodo's expertise in certificates keep the easiest way to protect your business information.

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