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Zero Trust E-Book

Preventing Breaches By Building
a Zero Trust Architecture

The primary reason companies' cybersecurity investments aren't yielding the hoped-for results is that their IT environments have changed so radically in structure and shape.

Highlights from the Featured Zero Trust e-Book:

  • The Zero Trust model is rooted in three core concepts
  • To build a robust security infrastructure, you must first establish a solid foundation
  • Outlined simple steps to help you plan to incorporate Zero Trust principles into your organization's security infrastructure plan

Protecting Business IT Environments from Ever-Evolving Threats has Never Posed More of a Challenge than it Does Today.

As cybersecurity costs continue to increase, malicious activity shows no signs of slowing down. Cybercriminal operations are more carefully targeted and better funded than ever. Nationwide state-level adversaries remain active, and even relatively unsophisticated hackers have successfully compromised enterprise networks.