Cybercriminals work every angle to infiltrate systems, steal data, and disrupt operations. That's why Comodo Cybersecurity offers a comprehensive platform of cybersecurity capabilities to protect your network, applications, data, and users from every angle – across the LAN, Web and Cloud.

Comodo Cybersecurity

Delivering reliable, centralized, and fully scalable security solutions for today's business.


Comodo Cybersecurity is an innovator and developer of digital solutions with over two decades of experience.


With tens of billions of OS-VMs created in over 85 million endpoint installations, not a single infection!


Over 850 cybersecurity scientists and engineers analyzing 100,000 threats per day and reaching definitive verdicts around the world.

Endpoint Protection

The Risk

From a cybersecurity perspective, there are three types of files: those that are a known to be good, those that are known to be malicious, and the unknown. When you know a file is good, you can let it run. When you know a file is bad, you can block it. It's the unknown files that create the challenge—and all malware starts out as unknown code.

The Solution

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) delivers patent-pending auto-containment, where unknown executables and other files that request runtime privileges are automatically run in a virtual contain that does not have access to the host system's resources or user data.

The Result

They run just as well as they would on the host system, making it seamless from the end-user perspective, but they cannot damage or infect the native system. AEP uses real-time analysis—including antivirus scanning, behavioral analysis, and a global threat cloud—to return a good/bad verdict within 45 seconds for 95% of the files submitted.

Web & Email Security

The best cybersecurity strategies include layers of security controls.
Comodo Dome is a suite of modular tools offering enterprise-level security for any-size organization.

Comodo Anti-spam
Prevent phishing and email-based threats

Users are bombarded by a constant onslaught of spam and it's a productivity killer. But that's not the worst of it. Not only does the massive volume of spam chew up email bandwidth without adding any value whatsoever, there are a lot of malicious threats hiding in much of the spam traffic trying to get in. Comodo Dome Antispam provides an array of capabilities designed to prevent unwanted email from entering your network in the first place.

Secure Web Gateway
Secure Web Gateway
Enforce policy, protect against Web-borne threats

Today's hackers are incredibly sophisticated, and they have a lot of tools and techniques at their disposal. It's not enough to understand past attacks and prevent others just like them—you also need to protect against attacks you don't know about. How do you fight the unknown? Comodo Dome Secure Web Gateway delivers a suite of security capabilities to identify and stop any kind of malicious activity from getting in. And it does so without affecting the experience of your legitimate users. After all, they still need to do their jobs.

Data Loss Prevention
Data Loss Prevention
Stop data leakage, secure PII and protect IP

Knowledge is power, and bad actors look for ways to get data for malicious purposes ranging from identity theft to corporate espionage. No business is too large or too small to be vulnerable. And depending on your industry and location, there may be specific data security and privacy regulations you must comply with. Comodo Dome Data Loss Prevention helps you protect data while it's in motion, in use, and at rest.

Comodo DNS Filtering
DNS Filtering
DNS filtering and content filtering solutions

There are links to "bad" websites everywhere, and attackers use a variety of tactics to lure people into clicking them. And there are plenty of sites that, while not malicious, are inappropriate for one reason or another. Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering protects your users—even their mobile devices when they're on the go—from accessing these problem sites.

Protect against threats at the network edge

Maintaining day-to-day operations—and growing your business—requires network traffic to constantly flow into and out of your internal network. A lot of that traffic is trusted. But much of it isn't, and you need to be able to distinguish between the two. Comodo Dome Firewall is a unified threat management system that helps to secure all ports and protocols and delivers a host of security controls.

Application Containment

It's one thing to secure endpoints inside your network. But what about all the customers, partners, and on-the-go employees who need to access your applications from the outside? You simply cannot ensure that all these users have implemented security controls to your standards. You can, however, protect the application itself. Comodo SecureBox uses containerization technology to "wrap" pplications—such as point-of-sale systems; ATM software; and enterprise, financial, and government applications—and drop them into environments of questionable security. This allows access to users, but not to any malware that may have infected the users' systems.

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Containment Technology

Certificate Mgmt.

Securing and encrypting network traffic is critical for protecting confidentiality and privacy—and requires a certificate management approach that's comprehensive and efficient. Comodo simplifies the discovery, procurement, installation, and renewal of certificates across your network.

  • SSL Certificate

    Instant SSL Certificate

    Instant SSL certificates are designed to secure a single-domain with the highest available levels of encryption and are trusted by all major browsers. They feature full business validation, free TrustLogo site seal, unlimited server licenses, 24/7 support, up to $250,000 warranty, free website virus scanning, free PCI scanning and a cast iron 30-day money back guarantee.

  • EV SSL Certificate

    Extended Validation Certificate (EV SSL)

    EV SSL certificates provide the highest levels of encryption, security and trust. The green URL address bar reassures website visitors about the site's safety and boosts their confidence for carrying out online transactions. EV certificates have a $1,750,000 warranty and are validated to the rigorous guidelines set by the CA/B Forum. EV certificates are highly recommended for online businesses of all sizes.

  • Wildcard SSL Certificate

    Wildcard Certificate

    Wildcard SSL certificates allow web hosts and enterprises to secure unlimited sub-domains under a domain name through a single certificate. For example, a wildcard certificate for '*' could also be used to secure '', ', 'anything' etc. They provide a cost-effective alternative to separate certificate purchases and simplify management processes by reducing the number of certificates you need to track.

Information Technology
Systems Management

Today's IT environments are highly complex with a lot of moving parts that require constant updating, provisioning, and occasionally, fixing.

Comodo ONE is a complete, scalable IT management platform that offers a comprehensive suite of security and IT management tools—including remote monitoring and management, patch management, mobile device/application management, advanced endpoint security, backup, web/email protection, network monitoring, and more—under a single pane of glass.

  • IT Management

    Free, powerful IT management platform

    All the essential tools are free, including RMM, remote access, ticketing, and patch management.

  • Security Apps

    Exclusive security apps

    Advanced endpoint security, backup, web/email protection, and network monitoring apps, all in one platform.

  • Single Console

    Simple, centralized console

    All security and IT management tools are under a single pane of glass.

  • Trusted Vendor

    Trusted, value-first vendor

    Reduce the cost of your essential IT management apps to zero, increase your profit margins, and improve end-user satisfaction.

Website Security

Whether your website is a transaction-based revenue generator or simply an online introduction to your company, it's an important digital asset that needs to be protected. A hacked site can cause severe damage to your reputation and your bottom line. Comodo cWatch gives you a team of always-on certified cybersecurity professionals to protect your website, web servers, and web applications 24x7 with early detection, immediate remediation, and proactive preventive measures.

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Website Security

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