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Advanced cybersecurity protections are a must-have in today’s landscape. As data breaches and ransomware attacks get increasingly sophisticated, it’s critical to offer the most cutting-edge solutions and roll them out quickly. Simply offering good protection isn’t enough, you need threat intelligence that is integrated with multiple endpoint security and IT management solutions, and you need it fast.

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Transition to an MSSP with Comodo’s SOC as a platform (SOCaaP) which includes people, process and technology, including the Dragon platform with Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

  • Add managed security services to your portfolio in less than 24 hours
  • Get instant access to your own SOC
  • Transition to an MSSP without upfront capital expenses or additional hires
  • Enjoy full white-label capability 
Top 5 Reasons to Transform to MSSP
Certified MSP Partners

“Comodo is a true leader in the industry for security; the AEP and auto-containment are light years ahead of the outdated offerings from other vendors. In the enterprise space, it is critical to have managed systems that allow setting of policies and systems. Comodo’s AEP is so powerful because end users do not get to disable, or work around the rules, which reduces the risk of a catastrophe.

Benjamin Schramm, Managing Member, Sunergo IT

We cannot stress enough how important it is for us to offer the most innovative cyber breach protection to our customers. With Comodo’s AEP, I can sleep well at night knowing that our customers won’t suffer damage from a cyberattack.

Nick Masters, Support Manager, Teleos Systems

Our company handles ransomware incident response all around the world and we found instances that our previous antivirus vendors had been compromised by ransomware attacks. We chose Comodo because its Dragon platform with AEP is the most reputable product for protecting against ransomware. You can’t beat Comodo’s one-hundred percent protection against ransomware damage!”

Panagiotis Pierros, Managing Director, TicTac Data Recovery & Cyber Security

When we first saw what Comodo is offering to partners, a light bulb went off in my head as to all the new and robust solutions we could make available to our customers. We’re attracting many new customers with an entire digital security ecosystem, one that can evolve with the future needs of our customers.

Alfredo Rapetta COO, MyPcFriends
Unison Healthcare Group

The biggest reason we chose Comodo is because the auto-containment technology offers the most effective protection over cyber breaches. The 24/7 continuous monitoring and protection service allows our customers to focus on their core business because they have gained freedom from fear of unforeseen, malicious attacks. That type of assurance and support is critical in the healthcare market.

Willy Chien, CEO Office Strategy Executive, UHG

Comodo’s Dragon platform gives us and our clients relief knowing that endpoints will not be compromised by a ransomware attack or malware. We switched customers from Webroot to Comodo because of the flawless and proactive threat protection and the cutting-edge auto-containment features.

Jessy Nguyen, Founder and CEO, Global Tech Solutions

Our partnership with Comodo gives us peace of mind knowing our clients have top-notch security. We originally had ESET, but during the planning process for a large client migration to 365, we looked for a new antivirus. We researched several offerings, including those from ESET and Blackberry. After seeing a demo and experiencing a trial of Comodo’s Dragon Platform we decided to drop ESET and go with Comodo. We made the right decision – Comodo offers excellent customer service that exceeds our high expectations. From now on, I will choose Comodo over any competitor.

Harlee Courtepatte, Founder and CEO, Agile Industries

With its built-in auto containment technology, irrespective of the classification of virus or malware – whether it is ‘good’, ‘bad’, or ‘unknown’, Comodo will contain and quarantine all of them in a dedicated area. Having a file system where 100% of files get a trusted verdict means that we don’t have to use our staff and resources doing it manually.

Thenappan Vellachami, Founder and Director, Unisoft Infotech

The biggest benefit is that our customers have a sense of real protection knowing that we are monitoring things for them. Comodo’s solutions allow us to anticipate problems earlier which are often fixed remotely, reducing the need to visit clients onsite. We are able to work more effectively and offer higher levels of value-added service to our clients.

Richard McShane, Principal Engineer, Room57

We chose Comodo because we needed the ability to sell high-end endpoint protection to our client base. In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, it is the MSP’s fiduciary duty to provide defense systems that counter zero-day attacks without breaking the bank. We looked into SentinelOne, but Comodo’s platform is the most sophisticated endpoint protection suite that I have come across. It is priced fairly and runs smoothly on the end user’s machine.

Kevin Fafinski, Northwoods CEO

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