Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions to Render Attacks Useless

The Problem
Some things in life are unavoidable, and malware is quickly becoming one of them. According to experts, emerging viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious "wares" generate approximately one million new specimens of hostile and intrusive software each day. Although many cybersecurity vendors will promise full protection against threats —the truth is, they can't. No one can. Businesses and people must accept that malware cannot be successfully blocked 100% of the time, nor can it be mitigated through mere defensiveness. Undetected threats are now a reality of digital age. And as such, the fight against this robust enemy will require a far more innovative and holistic approach to protection.

The Effect
Data surveys offer a glimpse into just how far down the attack cycle today's malware has travelled, and the statistics are unsettling at best. As companies continue to zero in on the silver bullet of "protection" without considering the redundancy and impotence of their security layers, the result is a porous security posture with limited capabilities.

An attack cycle consists of four key stages:

  1. Delivery of malware
  2. Pre-execution
  3. Runtime as malware attempts to execute
  4. Post-damage remediation

While a great deal of this threat can be prevented in the first phase, the defense in depth ability to block malware execution in real time—and repair the damage—hovers around 85%. This number simply isn't high enough to beat the greatest enemy to the world of computing.

The Comodo Cybersecurity Solution

As a leader in cybersecurity for over twenty years, Comodo Cybersecurity seeks to protect businesses by understanding the true nature of the digital environment and what malware needs to survive. Without unfettered access and the ability to execute its malicious program, it has no power to breach other systems. But malware does have the capability to penetrate initial security measures, which means it cannot be fully prevented or denied—instead, it must be mitigated through the acceptance of its ability to penetrate even the most well-guarded systems. While Comodo Cybersecurity solutions offer comprehensive detection services, our real prowess comes from the ability to determine if unknown files entering the system are good or bad, with no sandbox lag time or delayed productivity.


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Cybersecurity to Render Attacks Useless

With intelligence from 86 million endpoints globally, Comodo Cybersecurity delivers a platform of capabilities that render even the most sophisticated attacks useless across the LAN, Web and Cloud. Our capabilities range from endpoint security to secure web gateway to data loss prevention to managed security services. Download this overview brief to learn more.

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