Protect Against Military-Grade Threats, Render Attacks Useless

Comodo Cybersecurity's automatic threat containment technology does not block malware, but rather holds unknown executables in a virtual container, all the while allowing businesses to safely run their critical applications regardless of whether the platform has been compromised.

Using a preemptive, surgical approach to containment, Comodo Cybersecurity's technology is precise, vigorous, and tailored to solve problems without downtime or undue stress. It renders an almost immediate verdict on the status of any unknown file, so it can be handled accordingly by either software or human analysts. This shift from reactive to proactive is what makes Comodo Cybersecurity unique and gives them the capacity to protect all domains of business activity and threat—from network to web to cloud—with confidence and efficacy. This fast and competent technology provides a seamless user experience and promotes ongoing customer trust. And, it recognizes an important reality: while you cannot prevent 100% of malware – you can render malware useless.

An attack cycle consists of four key stages:

Endpoint Security
Unlike conventional methods, Comodo Cybersecurity's approach to endpoint security supplements centralized measures with additional layers of needed protection on the endpoints. Safeguarding all endpoint devices, as well as the world's ever-growing IoT demands, is critical to keeping data safe and giving administrators the insight and control they need to form a strong defense posture. Comodo Cybersecurity's endpoint security manager utilizes its containment technology to make this goal a reality through automatic containment technology, which allows all files types, including potentially malicious ones, to run locally on the endpoints all while a definitive verdict is determined in the cloud in less than one minute.

Secure Cloud and Internet Access
As enterprises leverage the many benefits of cloud-based technologies; they must also address the cybersecurity risks inherent in digital transformation. Cloud-based applications and other Internet-based services open up channels of communication to and from the corporate network that make businesses vulnerable to cyber threats and enable the exposure of critical data. Comodo Cybersecurity offers Comodo Dome; a Secure Cloud & Internet Access Suite that meets the enterprise-level business security needs in order to fully embrace the opportunities of digital transformation.

Comodo Cybersecurity's Secure Cloud & Internet
Access Suite delivers a combination of capabilities which include: Secure Web Gateway, DNS Filtering, DLP, Firewall, and Antispam.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
Under the umbrella of cWatch Network, Comodo Cybersecurity's MDR is able to detect, monitor, and correlate events to offer the most comprehensive and effective threat response on the market. As a security solution, Comodo Cybersecurity is the only provider who connects all three domains of the web, network, and cloud to protect critical infrastructure with real-time threat intelligence monitoring. In combination with extensive analysis and correlation capabilities, MDR reports all activity and access information related to networks, systems, users, and data.

Managed Security Services (MSS)
Companies who need to oversee complex security systems often outsource this task to providers who can define, implement, monitor, and manage the evolving cyber threats of today. These efforts include proper configuration, pen testing, updated solutions, maintenance, fine tuning, and remediation of all security products to ensure a seamless and safe user experience. As compliance with major security regulations becomes increasingly mandatory, the need for capable experts with both insight and skill will also grow in demand, pushing businesses to find providers who can ensure full legal adherence.



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