Comodo: Cloud Native Cyber Security Platform

Security Services for Distributors and Value-Added Resellers

Meet the Explosive Demand for Security Services

We’re ready to help Distributors and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) meet the explosive demand for security services. The partnership brings Comodo’s entire range of cybersecurity solutions, including the Dragon platform with Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP), SOC-as-a-Platform (SOCaaP™), and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to the marketplace.
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Certified Distributor Partners

Comodo offers our customers compelling differentiation in a saturated marketplace, and a solution with which to approach their clients who are likely tired of failing, legacy solutions.

ARFA Technologies

We are a new Comodo distributor that is based in Africa and understands the needs of our local customers. We know that most enterprises in Africa do not have the luxury to invest in multiple cybersecurity solutions to secure their networks. Comodo’s platform offers advanced endpoint protection and auto containment, plus antivirus and other functionalities. With just a single SKU our customers have comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.”

Faustine Ebangha, Co-Founder and Channel Sales Director at ARFA Technology

We’re always looking for new technology to help our MSP partners protect their clients against today’s emerging threats, for example, new strains of ransomware. Comodo’s auto-containment feature is an incredible new technique that other vendors aren’t offering.” 

Comodo offers the best ransomware protection on the market. No other company will analyze and give a trusted verdict for 100% of the files on my network. Our previous solutions were not able to stop ransomware, Trojans and malware, which created a lot of tension for us, and many service calls from customers. Since using Comodo’s solutions, our customers are free from ransomware threats. We are grateful that Comodo helped us solve the ransomware problem.

Comodo fit our value chain criteria with its cutting-edge auto containment solution that verifies 100% of unknown executables to prevent damage, strong support, a good understanding of MSPs and turnaround times, and backed by guarantees on the offerings.

We chose Comodo because of its innovation. The auto containment technology takes security to the next level. After switching to Comodo we no longer have issues with ransomware, and no longer have issues with performance on the system. Comodo provides the best level of security with performance that others can’t beat.

“The biggest benefit we’re enjoying since working with Comodo is that suspicious files are containerized, assessed and easy to manage. Comodo’s Valkyrie analyzes and gives a trusted verdict for every file–no other company will analyze and give trusted verdict for 100% of the files on a network. Plus, the collaboration with Comodo is fantastic; they provide us with world-class support.

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