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5. Good Geek Protection

These days, most people find themselves working on their computers or visiting the Web nearly every day. Still, few of us find the time to become very savvy or proficient. Which is the single biggest reason why we experience frozen screens, corrupt files, printers that won't print, and computers so unusable we feel the need to replace them. And that's a shame. Because if the average PC user simply understood that most computer problems are NOT caused by their lack of expertise or a computer deficiency, but ARE caused by hackers, phishers and viruses, the cause of millions of PC glitches would suddenly become clear. The truth is, left unprotected, what millions of computers are really suffering from is externally instigated corruption. And most people don't even realize it!

So what's the solution? Today, every PC user should subscribe to an easy to use, reliable and inexpensive 24/7/365 Online Troubleshooting Service. Choose one you can reach by phone or immediately contact via live chat. One to which you can explain your problem, and then have a qualified technical expert fix it for you remotely. Right over the Internet, often right while you watch! It's time we all started using immediately available, online services to solve our computer problems, instead of mistakenly blaming the problems on our computers or ourselves.

Comodo Recommends

Comodo GeekBuddy. It gives you immediate, 24/7/365 remote expert support for your PC problems. You instantly connect to a well trained, Comodo PC expert with our easy to access, Click'n Chat desktop application. We fix hundreds of computer problems, help you configure and set up software and equipment, and even perform a full PC maintenance service. GeekBuddy gives you:

  • A Crack Team of Trouble Shooters: who are fully prepared to solve hundreds of those annoying problems we all experience.
  • Remote Security Setup: Installation and custom configuration of Comodo Security products for maximum security protection.
  • Software Installation: Installation and custom configuration of software products, printer and wireless network configurations, etc.
  • PC Tune Up: Expert evaluation and optimization of your computer to improve speed and stability.
  • Internet Login Protection: Activation of your computer's basic security settings to prevent loss of sensitive data and identity theft.
  • Green PC Optimization: Adjustment of your PC settings, optimizing them to conserve energy and save money on your electric bill.
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