The 5 Points of
PC Protection™

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Melih Abdulhayoglu

CEO, Comodo companies

Melih Abdulhayoglu
PC Virus Protection


Protection for your computer, system files, absolutely everything!

  • To prevent corruption due to viruses and ID thieves.
  • To stop online hackers who cause your PC to malfunction.
  • To keep out credit card and personal information cyber-crooks.
  • To kill viruses that could actually cause your computer to fail.
PC Data Protection


Protection against losing those important things you want to keep.

  • So you don't lose precious family photos.
  • So all your favorite music doesn't vanish.
  • So your documents don't mysteriously disappear.
  • So your financial records don't get stolen.
PC Internet Protection


Protection when you're out with your laptop, BlackBerry, etc.

  • When you take your PC to a coffee shop.
  • While you're waiting for your flight at the airport.
  • When you use your laptop in a hotel room.
  • Even while you're home, because online thieves go everywhere.
PC Interaction


Protection when you're browsing, buying or messaging.

  • To avoid landing on fraudulent web sites that will steal your credit card.
  • To keep your ID safe while you're buying online.
  • To stop your instant messages from being intercepted by devious hackers.
  • To prevent corrupt attachments from damaging your computer.
  • To get rid of spam emails and viruses.
GeekBuddy PC Protection


Protection from those annoying problems we all experience.

  • From any one of a million viruses that can corrupt your system.
  • From spyware that slows down your computer.
  • From all those glitchy problems that drive you crazy.
  • From the way you'd install your printer, if you tried to do it yourself.