The Comodo Security Threat Model

The Internet represents enormous potential for commercial opportunity. Unfortunately, such significant value rides hand in hand with an increase in Internet based crime rate. Incidents resulting from the lack of effective security on the Internet are now a daily occurrence on the Global News scene.

Security is not just about providing products - it about establishing and maintaining an entire infrastructure built on Trust. Only when Trust is achieved and implemented successfully will the advantages of Internet based commerce and communication become fully enabled.

Comodo solutions are unique. Through our innovative Research and Development arm, the Comodo Research Lab, we have developed numerous Patent Pending Internet security applications and services.

Every Comodo solution is applied to a stringent Threat Model at every stage of its development lifecycle - a practice we believe to be essential in the assurance that every link in the security chain is identified and protected effectively. We also ensure ease of adoption and implementation for Comodo solutions through the use of proven security and directory standards within the Digital Signature and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) framework. Utilisation of such industry standards also ensures our solutions will always allow the seamless introduction of updated or new security standards in the future.

Comodo provide scalable, easy to use security solutions for both the business and home user. Our range of Trust based applications and solutions will enable the true potential of the Internet.

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