Why invest in security? What will it really provide?

People invest in new technology to primarily enhance productivity. However such investment will not be optimised if the full potential of the technology cannot be utilised. At present the lack of security on the Internet and associated technologies prevents effective use of such technology.

Security is not just about keeping data and communications safe - this is only one aspect. Effective and user-friendly security is fundamental to the full and proper use of such new technology!

Millions of homes and business users have access to the Internet. Yet online shoppers stick only to brands they know. The Internet provides immense commercial possibilities, yet the majority of people choose not to trust what it brings due to the lack of security. This inevitably undermines the main objective of the Internet - unlimited choice and price competitiveness.

Millions of home and business users utilise the speed, convenience and effectiveness of Email, a technology that enables almost instant communication. Yet paper is still being used for billing, invoicing, orders, and contracts. The reason is that email is fundamentally insecure - it may be read by anyone, altered and the recipient may even repute its delivery. In other words Email cannot be trusted for critical communication due to the lack of security.

Security enhances productivity. It enables and optimises the realization of the investment in new technology such as Internet based applications and services. Investing in security is, by logic, an investment in productivity.

Comodo provides security solutions that enable the full use of the Internet for e-commerce, communication and business-to-business operations.

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