Firewalls—What You Need to Know

A Firewall is a system that prevents unauthorized access to a private network. Firewalls are extensively used by businesses, corporations and the government to protect against potential hackers. They act as a barrier between a private network and the Internet. Anything that goes into or out of the network must pass through the firewall. The firewall examines each message to make sure it meets the specified security criteria before passing it through. Just like a literal firewall, a computer firewall prevents a fire (in this case a dangerous intrusion into a private network) from spreading.

You can choose between software and hardware firewalls or choose to install both for added security. Hardware firewalls are a physical gateway between your computer and the Internet. A common example of a hardware firewall is a Cable/DSL router. A router is connected to the modem that supplies your Internet connection and your computer is connected to the router either via Ethernet cable or wireless connection. A router can be configured using a web-based interface to filter out any information you want it to before it reaches our computer's browser.

A software firewall works in the same way, but without the physical unit. You download the software and configure it to filter out information to and from your computer. Companies often use firewalls to prevent their employees from accessing certain websites or from sending inappropriate email communications. Some people, however, use a firewall to only filter in only one Direction from the Internet. This protects them from unauthorized intrusions from unscrupulous players.

There are many ways that devious people can interfere with unprotected networks and computers. For example, hackers can remotely log in to your computer and assume some level of control over it. This control can range from stealing files to running programs to sending spam from your email to trafficking in illegal files to spying on you using your microphone and web cam. Some hackers plant >malware (malicious software) on your computer without your knowledge that runs in silently in the background and tracks your computer usage. This is a way to obtain your personal information and steal your identity. The only way to protect yourself is to put up the proper barrier between your computer and those who wish you harm.

Comodo Firewall is an award-winning free firewall software program from a leading certification authority and security solutions provider. This software provides a suite of security features that are simple enough for beginners to install but can be highly customized by advanced users. Comodo Firewall focuses on preventing malware from installing on your computer. Traditional firewall software has been "detection-based." These programs waited for malware to be installed on your computer and then alerted you to its presence. In the interim damage could be done. Comodo Firewall takes a more proactive stance against malware and restricts installation of all software unless it is on a pre-approved list of clean applications (there are over 4 million applications on this list) or it is specifically approved by the user. Never allowing the malware to reach your computer, Comodo Firewall prevents damage from occurring.

The Comodo Internet Security suite offers the award-winning Comodo Firewall with Default Deny Protection™, as well as Comodo Antivirus. These free security applications are installed on millions of computers around the world.

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