Comodo Internet Security - Trusted Vendors

Trusted Vendors are those software companies that have digitally signed their software with a code signing certificate to verify it's authenticity and integrity.

Software vendors can apply to have their software added to the Trusted Vendor List that ships with Comodo Internet Security (CIS). This means that CIS will automatically trust the software and will not display any alerts or warnings to the user during the installation or operation of the software.

  • Your software must be available for download by our technicians.
  • Your software must be code signed with a certificate from a trusted CA (self-signed code signing certs are not acceptable)

This service is 100% free of charge and is also open to vendors that have used code signing certificates from any Certificate Authority. More details are available on the application form:
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Code Signing - The Basics

Many software vendors digitally sign their software with a code signing certificate.
This practice helps people that download their software to verify:

  • Content Source: The software they are downloading or are about to install really comes from the publisher that signed it.
  • Content Integrity: That the software they are downloading and are about to install has not be modified or corrupted since it was signed.

Users benefit if software is digitally signed because they know they getting the genuine article and not fake software that has been corrupted or wholly replaced with malicious code.

Comodo Code Signing Certificates

Comodo CA offers Code Signing certificates at the lowest prices around.
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