The Dreaded Reality of Employees Being Guinea Pigs of Spam Attacks

Spam has been a problem for many decades, but unlike the virus scene, not all companies are investing in their cyber defense to effectively block them from their network explicitly. The antivirus industry has matured to a point where the very OS developer, Microsoft itself started bundling an antivirus to the latest version of Windows 10. This maturity followed the footsteps of the used to be crowded software firewall market, now only the built-in Windows firewall since XP SP2 literally made 3rd party software firewalls irrelevant.

Spam Cleaner Free

Today, there is no specific market leader when it comes to the specialized free anti spam market. The usual spam cleaner free we encounter are just a sub-feature of mainstream antivirus products as an "extra feature". This means the focus remains to be on the antivirus capacity, and not effective detection of spam emails. Anti spam capability never approached the importance of the antivirus engine. The result of spam cleaner free being a second-class citizen in the security software industry is the burden of employees. They are forced to become the front lines against spam emails, spending a lot of time deleting spam email the very moment they start their workday. On a personal account, this may be tolerable, but imagine the scale of time being wasted in an enterprise environment. If one employee spends 5-minutes every working day deleting spam emails, in an enterprise with 500 employees that is 41.66 man-hours of wasted time.

The spammers are not at a standstill, as they continue their research and development to bypass the filters. Companies that ignore the issue of spam will continue to subtly promote dissatisfaction in the office environment, as employees are bothered every day with the need to manually delete spam emails. Spammers deliberately misspell the products and services they offer, to bypass the expected filters. How many times have you encountered the word Viagra misspelled? If spam cleaner free cannot currently provide the solution, a commercial product can. This is due to intensive R&D by the anti spam vendors, compared to the second-rate counterpart in spam cleaner free.

One such anti spam system which is much better than any spam cleaner free is Comodo Anti Spam Gateway. Using a revolutionary cloud-based updating infrastructure named Valkyrie, it filters emails and detects the presence of spam via a spam signature system of Comodo-cloud. It is an all-in-one anti spam solution incomparable to any spam cleaner free available. Better than a spam cleaner free, Comodo® Anti Spam Gateway isolates questionable attachments. Arming the users the confidence of opening and accessing email attachments. Comodo Anti Spam scans the emails in the background for nefarious contents that may harm the computer and the corporate network.

A hosted anti spam solution works transparently for the users. It runs parallel to the mail server and does not slow it down compared to a software spam cleaner free. A free trial is available for evaluation, which can demonstrate the strength of detection. It will virtually not use any resources from the mail server, as it is a hosted service from Comodo Cloud. Start your free trial of Comodo Anti Spam Gateway today!


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