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What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a procedural approach that prompts the end users from depriving them to send any crucial and sensitive information anywhere outside the corporate network. DLP assures an effective data protection by inspecting the contents. The DLP solution incorporates the use of software products to help network administrators control what type of data can be transferred by the end users.

Keep your sensitive data safe

Staying protected from data loss is a huge challenge that calls for a multilevel defense. Hackers are really aware of the importance of your information and they exploit on the same to steal it by any means. Comodo has come up with the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution that is named as MyDLP to purge out infections, providing complete data security and ensures Data Leak Prevention. It counteracts even the most threatening Advanced Persistent Threats.

Overview of Comodo Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution

MyDLP is a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution from Comodo that helps in Data Leak Protection. With MyDLP, you can relax from depending on several products to ensure prevention of data breach or leakage from the organization's endpoints and network. MyDLP from Comodo is developed to restrict the surge of data that stores credit card information and other sensitive information like social security numbers as well. DLP solution from Comodo creates a convenient and secure space of trust for its customers to share their sensitive information. Comodo MyDLP secures data in relevance to removable devices, mail, web and much more. With Data Loss Prevention Solution (DLP) from Comodo, you can stay secure with your information from escaping out of the network connections.

Key benefits of DLP Solutions

Obstructs Data Leakage: Blocks data loss by malicious hackers even when data is concealed.

Provides Early Detection of Risks: Incorporating DLP solution helps to identify data leakage at a very early stage to ensure perfect protection of the information.

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