Recovering Your ID

The main concern once an online account is opened is its protection from theft and fraud. For that you need to be very careful from the very first usage of the account. From the very beginning you should maintain a sound Identity management.

Most of the time an online account is hacked or cases of swindle occurs due to ignorance of the users. But if you already fall a victim to an ID theft, then there are certain ways in which you can stop further hazards. But in the recent days, identity theft has become a serious crime.

But you can take some wise measures instead of panicking. There are some steps to prevent your online account from being hacked. Some of them are discussed below:

  • First and foremost you need to secure the e-mail id or account you use. It is better to use a P.O box to secure your personal data from the hackers. If you are using an e-mail account make sure to lock it or empty the mailbox to prevent the confidential information to fall in wrong hands.
  • Be very sure to secure the pc you are using. Protect your pc with an updated version of Firewall to prevent loss of personal information through web. Access those emails only once you are sure they are sent from authenticated sources or from your banks.
  • Take precautions to secure your passwords. Try to go for passwords that will be marked as ‘’strong passwords’’.
  • Take care to destroy the confidential bank statements that may give away your personal financial data or confidential data of your credit cards. Make sure to tear them or destroy such financial documents.
  • Be careful enough not to leave behind your credit cards or any of your debit cards at any shop or at gas stations after you have made the payments.
  • It is also necessary to keep an eye on your credit card while you are handing it over to others for billing. If such circumstances cannot be avoided, try to make the payments with cash.
  • Make sure not to share your personal information with any sales person of the service providers. Try and avoid such cases where you have to provide information like your Social Security Number or your Driver’s License Number.
  • Regularly check with your credit report. These financial records should be checked at least once in a year. If you notice any suspicious activities then take the required steps to prevent further nuisance with your personal accounts.
  • It is not just checking your credit reports regularly, but you should be alert enough to identify the merchants and list of purchases recorded from your account or card. So you need to also check with the statements prepared by the credit card companies.

But how much protection you adopt, there can be chances of ID theft. Incase this unfortunate incident takes place with your account, make sure to follow certain immediate steps:

  • Immediately contact the creditors or banks and ask to close down the tampered account. Get in touch with the personnel from fraud department of that company to seek help.
  • Contact the police in the locality to file complain against ID theft. Do not forget to collect the police report, which can be later produced, to the credit card company or bank for further legal assistance.
  • There are three credit bureaus where you need to inform in case you become an ID theft victim. They will guide you to recover your personal information and will also help to stop the thief from misusing your personal account, PIN or any passwords. Request the bureaus to put fraud alert on credit reports.
  • Also get in touch with The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The officials of FTC will help to trace the hackers of your ID or account.

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