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Protect your files.

Protecting yourself against losing the important things you want to keep is the Second Point of PC Protection.

For many of us, our computer is the place we store many of life's most important documents, plus precious family photos, music collections and more. But while the computer has many wonderful advantages, it also has one drawback. Ease of loss.

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You could say that "ease of loss" is the Computer's Achilles' Heel! You see, in contrast to the old file cabinets of yesteryear -- out of which most lost papers and pictures eventually emerged -- today's digital files can easily be lost….forever.

Who hasn't heard a horror story about a computer crash, corrupt file, or hard disk failure that caused damage or total loss of files, photos or music collections? But for the millions of computer users who store, store, store without ever protecting themselves against damage or loss, such a disaster is an eventual inevitability. Unless you stop waiting until tomorrow to do what you can easily take care of today.

Data loss can be catastrophic, heartbreaking, even life-threatening. That's why we at Comodo have worked so heard to develop the best Online Backup solution available today.

Online Backup

This loss prevention solution is an easy to download, fast and secure backup service that provides essential recovery of important files in the event of damage, deletion or theft. Files of all types are stored on Comodo's highly secure servers and can be accessed over the Internet from anywhere in the world.

But that's not all. To fully protect yourself, I urge you to look into these Comodo options as well:

  • Comodo Backup. It transfers a copy of your files to a CD, DVD or Flash Drive that never leaves your possession. Learn More   Try It Free
  • Comodo Time Machine. It rolls back a corrupt file to a point in time that predates the damage. Learn More   Try It Free
  • Comodo Secure Email. It encrypts your emails so that only their rightful recipients receive them decrypted. Meanwhile, hackers view them only as indecipherable gibberish. Learn More   Try It Free

Melih Abdulhayoglu, founder of Comodo International.
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