If You're a Mule, You Look Like an Ass

Sorry, but it's true! Security-conscious Internet users know that malware can harness thousands of PCs together to send spam, or to become undetectable servers for people robbing online bank accounts.

Installing Comodo Internet Security does not only protect your own computer; you defend it from being turned against others.

When they find poor defenses, online bank thieves can transfer money out of bank accounts.

But how do they get it out of the US? Anyone who has ever tried to transfer even $3000 lately knows that the Department of Homeland Security is clamping down on monetary transfers.

What do the hackers do? They find mules. Not burros, but down-on-their-luck people looking for a fast buck, who will agree to transfer the money overseas. Those people are known as mules.

These transfers look like great business when you see them on online bulletin boards or telephone poles, but they are ILLEGAL. And instead of sleeping in the barn, mules may end up spending 20 years in prison for wire fraud.

If it seems too good to be true, it is. Unless it's Comodo.