Comodo Internet Security 4.0 Is Better Than Ever

The cybersecurity you rely on has just gotten better, with Comodo Internet Security 4.0. The latest release of Comodo's firewall with Defense+ HIPS and virus protection enhances your cyber-security with Comodo's exclusive whitelist, protecting your PC from marauding malware.

Since 2005, Comodo has been a forerunner in whitelist protection. Instead of waiting until your security company pinpoints a threat and adds it to a blacklist, Comodo compares every software that tries to install itself and run on your computer to a whitelist of safe files. If it's not on the whitelist, or you don't permit it to install, Comodo holds that software at bay.

Comodo's whitelist is innovative in both its extent and in its patent-pending profiling technology and community-based rating system, creating a personalized and user-friendly product.

Comodo Internet Security and Advanced Endpoint Protection protect PCs from malware with minimal resource drain or user disruption. Comodo's innovative technology includes

  • auto-sandboxing-tests any unknown files before allowing them to install
  • patent-pending clean PC mode
  • emphasis on Default Deny Protection™
  • 1,200,000+ file whitelist
  • Threatcast social authentication, minimizing annoying warnings often found in other software.
  • Current Comodo Internet Security Users have already
    een offered the opportunity to download and install Comodo Internet Security 4.0. For more information, or to download a new copy, visit