Backups: If it 'twere done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly

Comodo Backup 2.2 puts scripts to work for you.

Taking backups is a routine task. Even if you do them often, as you should, there are a lot of steps. You risk overlooking something. And afterwards, are you really sure you backed up the right files?

Let Comodo Backup 2.2 help you automate your backups. Comodo Backup creates executable script files that allow you to edit your instructions. Use those saved script files to schedule, back up and restore your critical files.

Leave your options open. When you have servers in two states, or two hemispheres, you might need an Online Backup option. Comodo Backup 2.2 integrates with Comodo Online Backup, allowing users the option of storing and their backed-up files online.

Find out how Comodo Backup 2.2 and its script files can make your life easier. Visit