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Next Generation of Comodo’s Enterprise Endpoint Security Solution Now Available

Automatic Containment Technology at the Heart of Comodo ESM 3.4 to Keep Customers Protected From Known and Unknown Threats

CLIFTON, NJ, July 29, 2015 — The Comodo organization, a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions, today announced that an enhanced version of its flagship enterprise containment technology – Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection – is now generally available worldwide.

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager 3.4 software brings seven layers of defense – antivirus, firewall, web URL filtering, host intrusion prevention, automatic containment and file reputation, and virus scope (behavioral analyzer) – together under a single offering for customers of all sizes, to protect them from both known and unknown threats.

Comodo’s patent-pending, real-time, on premise automatic containment technology eliminates malware outbreaks and operating system contamination by automatically running untrusted processes in a secure, environment – without any interruption to the user.

The Comodo ESM dashboard provides panoramic insight to allow IT Directors and Systems Administrators to control all aspects of endpoint protection and management, displaying 14 critical metrics around all of the endpoints, allowing for immediate remediation of issues, should they arise.

“For companies and organizations that are looking to stay protected from cyberattacks, Comodo ESM 3.4 is the only true solution available that can protect users from the known and unknown malware that may be threatening their IT environment,” said Ilker Simsir, Comodo Endpoint Security Product Manager. “Comodo ESM ensures the protection of a customer’s endpoints with the most advanced threat containment technology in the market today.”

New Features of ESM 3.4

  • A new containerization/sandbox view, which would show which unknown applications are running in that view, as well as the history of those unknown applications and the ability to report on them
  • A central dashboard where IT leaders can see immediate metrics such as online and policy statuses, unknowns, attempted infections, and global metrics across the endpoints
  • New administrative reports for more actionable insight about Anti-virus database updates and scans
  • New local cache proxy for maximum bandwidth optimization across the network
  • Immediate Microsoft Windows 10 support and functionality


Companies and organizations across the globe have been taking full advantage of Comodo ESM to protect and secure their IT environments.

Headquartered in Boleslaw, Poland, BOLMET SA was founded in 1991, with a focus on trading non-ferrous metals and raw materials. For the past year, BOLMET SA has been using Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection solution to keep its endpoints safe. BOLMET SA implemented Comodo’s patent-pending Run-Time Automatic Threat Containment (RATC) technology to protect is endpoints from known malware, but also from the unknown threats yet to be defined

“Our paramount concern had been how we prepare for the unknown and how we ensure the protection of our endpoints,” said Michal Zientara, IT Manager, BOLMET SA. “Comodo came in and solved our concerns with the most advanced threat containment technology I have ever seen.”

Southlands English School in Rome, Italy, is a private, independent day school for boys and girls with a small IT infrastructure. Southlands needed a security solution that helped protect their endpoints from malware threats and could reduce the time required to manage endpoints, all at a price that would fit within their budget.

“We’ve been running Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection for over a year now and we have never encountered a security or malware issue. Comodo’s automatic containment technology—which clearly separates Comodo from all other products – keeps our endpoints secure,” said Luca Iacono, Technology Officer, Southlands English School. “The fact that my IT system can automatically contain a piece of malware gives me peace of mind. Every enterprise should use Comodo ESM if they want to protect themselves from unknown malware.”


Comodo is the only antivirus and endpoint security company that brings battle tested, proven containment technology to the enterprise.

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