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With this “no cost” system -online users can trust the feedback as being a true reflection of an eMerchant’s performance rather than a reflection of how much the eMerchant paid

JERSEY CITY, NJ January 24, 2008 – The Gallup Poll recently published a report on what drives trust in business, (Gallup Trust in Business Index, October 2007) and one of the most powerful online “trust builders” is feedback a site gets from customers, family and friends. Over 52% of online visitors confirm that these sources are “extremely/ very important” in influencing whether they trust a merchant. To help the online visitor and eMerchants engage in this new trusted dialogue, Comodo, a leading Certification Authority, launched UserTrust, a feedback and rating platform that is free to businesses. UserTrust delivers the technology necessary to allow merchants to learn and grow from their customers. For consumers, UserTrust allows them to make better purchasing decisions.

Creating a safer and more trusted Internet requires that online visitors have a way to take the guesswork out of making decisions about whom they trust online. One effective way to improve customer trust is to leverage customer feedback technologies and utilize the fact that online users look to each other in helping make informed decisions about a merchant. The largest sites already enable this type of capability, and Comodo is introducing this level of technology for all eMerchants with an important distinction. Functionally, UserTrust is a powerful free technology platform that eMerchants can use to collect and manage feedback. The eMerchants get to leverage the power of viral marketing (having customers as advocates), and online visitors get unbiased information about who to trust and why.

However, UserTrust has also been designed to be more trusted than any other feedback platform on the market today for a number of reasons. First, eMerchants can not pay for this platform. UserTrust is free for the online business community which takes potential conflicts of interest out of the equation. By removing the financial dimensions of the platform, there is no “work around” for an eMerchant that didn’t like the results. The result is a revolution in creating a safer internet as UserTrust is an unbiased system where accountability is the sole driving force behind an eMerchant’s rating. Within this type of free, high performance, unbiased system eMerchants can thrive while other less reputable merchants will be weeded out. Further, UserTrust is more trusted than other comparable services because it leverages the credibility that Comodo has built with over 100 million users who associate the Comodo brand with security. The UserTrust program provides end users with a credible mechanism to take the risk out of online engagements not matched by other providers of rating systems or platforms.

Other services charge for this type of platform, but Comodo’s UserTrust is totally free because it is our hope to create a safer Internet.” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo. “Not charging for this platform allows us to drive a new level of credibility not achieved before. Consumers can quickly assess the trustworthiness of a site which drives higher sales for online businesses.”

UserTrust delivers a truly seamless and revolutionary environment providing both online users and business with a safer and more trusted Internet.

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About Comodo

The Comodo companies provide the infrastructure that is essential in enabling e-merchants, other Internet-connected companies, software companies, and individual consumers to interact and conduct business via the Internet safely and securely. The Comodo companies offer PKI SSL, Code Signing, Content Verification and Email Certificate; award winning PC Security software;  Vulnerability Scanning services for PCI Compliance; secure e-mail and fax services.   

Continual innovation, a core competence in PKI, and a commitment to reversing the growth of Internet-crime distinguish the Comodo companies as vital players in the Internet’s ongoing development. Comodo secures and authenticates online transactions and communications for over 200,000 business customers and 3,000,000 users of our desktop security products. 

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