Content Verification Certificate

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  • Protection of webpage content
  • Brand identity protection
  • Builds trust and confidence
  • First content-verifying certificate
  • Anti-spoofing protection
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Exclusive to Comodo

Content Verification Certificates (CVC) are built for maintaining trust and confidence in critical content areas like log-in boxes and order forms. Content Verification Certificates are the first of their kind to provide this high level of brand identity protection and anti-phishing in one package. This anti-phishing and fraud protection technology makes interacting online safer by incorporating multi-factor technology ensuring that the visitor can verify the legitimacy of content, not just the domain.

Due to rising phishing and fraudster attacks, your visitors may wonder whether they can trust the vital content on your site. With Comodo patent-pending technologies, such as Content Verification Certificates and the Verification Engine, you can give your customers the highest assurance possible, while also enjoying a higher level of brand identity protection.

  • Protects brand and logos from being used to spoof customers
  • Allows end-users to conclusively verify the authenticity of content, not just the domain
  • Phishing websites will fail the verification test, thanks to VE technology
  • Shows commitment to protecting returning customers

Why Choose Comodo?

Comodo provides the highest level of security at competitive prices. As the second largest provider of business-validated certificates, Comodo ensures that millions of transactions are safely performed everyday. We are always looking for new ways to enhance online trust and security, with research and development labs that are diligently pushing boundaries and bringing online trust, security, and compliance solutions to a new higher standard.

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