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7 Questions on Internet Security to Keep Your Electronic Devices Secure and Holiday Season Hassle-Free

Comodo offers reminders to help make this a holiday free of malware threats

Jersey City, NJ, November 23, 2011 – The holiday shopping season is a time of heightened Internet Security threats and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just days away, Internet security company Comodo is offering helpful reminders to those who are planning to shop online and/or give technology-related gifts this year.

Many of us have learned the steps to take in order to make the holidays run smoother, but in 2011, making sure you shop safely online and prevent malware from infecting your newly purchased electronic devices is more important than finding the best time to avoid the crowds at the mall,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo’s CEO and chief security architect.

With this in mind, Comodo has provided a list of seven questions computer users should ask themselves to help avoid electronic holiday headaches – whether they are shopping for gifts online, opening a holiday greeting or starting up a new electronic device:

  • Why is “Security Not Included?” – E-readers, Smartphones, tablets and similar electronic devices are expected to be major gift items this holiday season, but few consumers take the time to ask about malware protection when giving or receiving one of these devices. Make sure to check on these details with the manufacturer or retailer to avoid potentially dangerous infections that can ruin your holiday gifts.
  • Who is Protecting My PC? – Most PCs are secured by the same approach to security developed in the 1980s, which is based on “default allow” technology and has been failing PC users for more than 25 years. Comodo believes in a “default deny” approach to PC Protection, where access to unknown files is blocked until the files are checked out and verified as safe. This prevents users from downloading unknown files and forcing them to turn to security solutions after access has been allowed and the system potentially compromised.
  • Who is Sending Me That Holiday Greeting? – Just as you shouldn’t let unknown files onto your computer, you shouldn’t open greetings from senders you don’t know. Once opened, these emails can infect your computer and slow System Performance, destroy files, or expose your identity to malware threats and worse.
  • Is That Website Secure? – Again, just as you shouldn’t let unknown files onto your computer or open emails/files from unknown senders, you shouldn’t click on links to websites unless you are sure they are secure. It’s important that while shopping online, users are only shopping on sites that they know and trust. Make sure your security software notifies you if a site has been verified as safe and secure by SSL.
  • Is My Security Software Ready for the Holiday Rush? – Online shoppers should check their Security Software and make sure it has the most recent updates to protect against viruses, malware, spyware and spam – before the shopping season begins.
  • Is My Security Solution Guaranteed? – Smart consumers take the time to make sure there’s a warranty or guarantee for the products they buy or receive, but they rarely think about this when it comes to Internet security software – and this is one of the most important questions to ask given the damage that could result from malware. Comodo offers a $500 Virus Free Guarantee, which promises protection against all viruses and malware.
  • Where is the Help Desk When I Need It? – When purchasing an Internet Security solution, make sure support is available by phone and online. With some vendors, this support is difficult to find when you need it most. Comodo offers 24/7 PC Support for your problems via phone or online chat 365 days a year…even on holidays.

The holidays are a prime time for people to purchase electronic devices as gifts for loved ones and it is especially important that every device is properly secured against potential malware attacks,” said Abdulhayoglu. “The rate at which new malware is coming on the market is staggering and it is imperative that users ask themselves these very simple questions to help avoid a malware infection and the massive headache that comes along with it.

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