Is Email Secure?

Emails are ubiquitous. They are the most basic form of communication today. Be it sending out your resumes, scheduling a meeting, or getting in touch with a long lost friend, we end up using emails. (Even those who hate social media have to use emails in order to have an online presence.) And it is this very 'present-everywhere-nature' which makes them a preferred target among the hacking community. Now the question is: is email secure?

The answer is a big 'no' (to the question 'is email secure?') – unless you are employing the right kind of email protection tools to protect your mails against various security threats.

Is Your Email Secure

Dangers Associated With Emails

  • Zero-Day Malware: The most dangerous weapon of the cybersecurity threat landscape of today – the zero-day malware. Never before witnessed malware attack, the resolution of which is yet to be found by the security community, which cannot be tackled without proper email protection tools.
  • Spamming: Unsolicited mails pose another huge challenge. From online ads with people trying to market something to malicious hackers trying to infect user inboxes, spamming usually takes many forms each with a different intention. Another dangerous email threat.
  • Malicious Attachments: Then there are malicious attachments up for download, which usually contains malware, and when downloaded can impact your computers adversely. Again, to prevent this from happening, you have to use email protection tools.
  • Productivity Loss: Finally, if emails have issues, there are obviously going to affect your productivity. From spamming to malicious attachments, your time would be wasted either in going through these mails or your workstations breaking down – both of which can impact your productivity badly.

How Can Comodo Antispam Gateway Help?

Comodo Antispam Gateway (ASG) comes equipped with impressive enterprise email security features that easily make it one of the best in the IT security industry. ASG enterprise email surveillance system which combines two effective technologies, namely Valkyrie and Containment, ensures enterprise mails remain malware-free and also enhance employee mail experience as well.

Comodo Antispam Gateway offers:

  • Valkyrie Cloud-Based File Analysis – for quick analysis of emails
  • Containment – for restraining malicious email related files and preventing them from infecting enterprise networks
  • Protection Against Zero-Day Malware – by running unknown files within containers
  • Enhanced Email Experience – as enterprises are free to open, execute and use email attachments without worrying about any malware infection, while malware check runs in the background
  • And Much More: Spam Filtering, Phishing Protection, Default Deny Approach, Bulk Email Categorization, Sender/Recipient Filtering, IP Reputation Analysis etc.,

Use Comodo Antispam Gateway Email Protection

Protecting Over 100 Million Endpoints

Has Filtered 400,000,000 Email Messages, Caught 340,000,000 Spams, Blocked 4,000,000 Malware Till Date

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