Efficient Threat Response Solutions

Spam and email-borne malware are significant threats to corporate IT infrastructure. Cyber criminals/ hackers target the endpoints in a corporate IT network as endpoints are considered as the most vulnerable node in the whole network. Cyber criminals attempt various ways to infiltrate and compromise the corporate network. Among these sending spam and email-borne malware is an easy and popular weapon in their arsenal. Corporates must not take spam lightly, as it not just unsolicited mail, but mail that can carry malware and act as the pathway for malicious activities. Corporates must implement effective threat response solutions against spam and email-borne malware.

An efficient anti spam threat response solution would be the wish of any user and corporate IT security administrator or the chief information security officer (CISO).

There are numerous anti spam threat response solutions designed to suit different operating systems.

The Comodo Antispam Gateway

The Comodo Antispam Gateway (CASG) provides cloud-based email anti-spam protection for corporate mail servers. The sophisticated anti-spam filter effectively detects and blocks spam before it reaches the internal mail platform. This blocking happens much in advance which reduces the stress and load on internal mail servers and thus also protects them from malicious attacks.

The unique default-deny platform of CASG is the most advanced threat response solution that truly blocks all malware. CASG utilizes Valkyrie, which is a cloud-based system that uses multiple analytic techniques and deep-core human expertise for scoring all incoming email attachments as good, bad, or unknown.

Threat Response Solutions

Virtual Containment

CASG is the only threat response solution that treats unknown files in a unique manner to prevent any sort of zero-day infection. Unknown files are automatically placed in containment for further analysis, in a sophisticated totally virtual container. The user would be able to access and execute the attachment without any fear of the computer/ device/ or network getting infected, as whatever changes done by the unknown file are within this container. The unknown file is fooled into believing that it is having access to the actual system resources, but in reality, it has access only to the virtual system. CASG analyzes the behavior of the unknown file during this period.

File Access Even During Containment

There are some other threat response solutions that provide some sort of sandboxing or containment, however, none allow the user to access the file even during the ongoing analysis. The analysis of an unknown file does take time - it depends on the technology used, the checks performed, the hardware used, and other factors. If the user is not able to access the file, then it leads to loss of productive time if the file is just a harmless file.

Other Advantageous Features

Apart from the one-of-a-kind unknown file threat response solution, CASG features effective Spam filtering which is integrated with Comodo AntiSpam Labs (AS Labs) and Sender Reputation Network (SRN), as well as phishing protection, real-time spam and malware signatures, honeypot and tarpit functionality and denial of service protection.

CASG is a truly effective threat response solution.


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